What's your best time of day?

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Mistytail said:
Apr 1 '16, 8:00PM

You got a 56%!

Like most humans, you love the afternoon! The day is bright and in the middle. Whether you think of it as half over or half begun, you love the afternoon!

Ducky said:
Jun 30 '15, 9:27AM


Bella10 said:
Oct 1 '14, 2:36AM

Yep afternoon

Eomer said:
May 5 '14, 12:32AM

Not quite....
But perhaps I do not know myself quite as well as I thought.
I believe myself to be an early morning person, but I received a 52% meaning afternoon... this is usually the time I am yearning for a pillow. So... maybe? :D

BaconCat said:
Feb 16 '14, 11:06AM

I got 74%
It's true. I am most alert in the late afternoon. Almost night but not exactly. :T Schweet.

Jeffresonthecat said:
Jan 2 '14, 8:44PM

98% night owl, good because I don't usually go to bed until 6 am during the summers and2 am on school nights

Jenniferdu said:
Nov 30 '13, 6:02PM

Afternoon is my favorite time of day. It's so sunny and I love the bright sunshine (but if it's winter it's snowy. I like snow too, though!)........ And I have free time, I can read as many books as I want and.... You name it.

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