What's up with my hair?

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Rayggy said:
Dec 29 '14, 1:08PM

Hey my hair is past my hips I gat 77% beautiful yea I know no wait idk

Rayggy said:
Dec 29 '14, 1:06PM

Hey I forgot my hair is very long past my hips and I'm only nine years I read on an 8th grade level

Rayggy said:
Dec 29 '14, 1:04PM

Hey my hair is past my hips I gat 77% beautiful yea I know no wait idk

BaconCat said:
Feb 18 '14, 8:25PM

I like short straight hair. When it's longer, and straight maybe I can have cool bangs that go over my eye and down to my chin. But alas my hair will never ever be naturally straight.

Iamcutiemoon13 said:
Oct 1 '13, 2:02PM

Nice quiz.and ya i have healthy hair.

Sedderix said:
Apr 3 '12, 9:01PM

I've had my hair very short. It is a variation of a pixie cut. Before I had this cut my hair was all the way down to my hips. I wanted it longer but my mom was in the way of expressing my individuality so then later a i cut my hair super shot. Now it has been a couple of months and realized that my hair grows ridiculously fast. I need a trim almost every two weeks. It is ridiculous. I need to grow out my hair but i kinda don't. Im stuck with a battle with myself.

VioletStarr said:
Oct 29 '11, 9:15PM

I want hair extensions.I want one of those emo hairstyles but my hair is WAY too short for that. Oh,well.

canyadiggit said:
Jul 7 '11, 6:45PM

I got that my hair is beautiful! And truthfully, it is! >;)

Starwars lover said:
Apr 24 '11, 8:30PM

It suggested what i already have.

tomboy9876 said:
Jun 28 '10, 10:20PM

i got 180. i TOTES agree w/ hip hop, but i dont care as much. ok, that was a lie i care a lot. WAAAAAAAA, my hair suks. but i alredy new that, soo...

hip hop said:
Feb 21 '09, 4:17AM

You need a 180!

You think your hair looks shaggy and faded. You are bored with your cut. What about blonde? It's time for a change. It could be drastic or just some new highlights. Here's a tip: when you are excited about your hair, people notice!


Too me said:
Feb 9 '09, 10:03PM

i need a 180 -- yaa my hair is pretty messed upp!!!

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