What power type you are

Welcome to the quiz that will reveal to you your power style. By power style I mean what way do you get things done your way. It could be used in such unimportant things as to get the sit you want in the cinema, to as far as making changes in the world and leading a riot.

I hope you enjoy participating in this quiz and find out a little more about yourself. If you disagree with the result please post it in your comments, what is your result and what you expected it to be.

Created by: Airine
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3. You need to borrow your friend's car but you know just how possessive your friend is when it comes to the car. How will you approach your friend about it?
You explain the situation to your friend making sure to use all the details to make your friend understand how important it is for you to borrow the car.
You remind your friend all the favors you have done and expect that it would only be fair if you get to borrow the car.
You will keep on bugging your friend until you get the permission, if anything you may just cry to show how important it is.
You emphasize alot on all the worst possible cases if you don't get to borrow the car.
You simply decide to call one of your other many friends who is less possessive about cars.
4. It is a very important party at your work place and your boss expects you to bring your other half to get to know you better. You know that it is crucial that your other half shows up, the thing is that he/she hates crowds and leaving the house. What do you do?
You explain that if he/she doesn't show up you will lose your job and then go hungry until you find another one.
You explain that the boss expects him/her to show up, and that you would really appreciate if he/she accompanied you.
You make your angry-expecting face, and wait until he/she gives in.
You emphasize on all the benefits if he/she comes, such as great food, interesting activities and other things that may alter his/her mind.
You simply ask a friend do go instead and pretend to be your other half just for the party.
5. You have a paper due, but have absolutely no time to finish it up in time because you have a few job interviews that you really need to attend. What do you do?
You speak to the teacher explaining that because of your present financial situation you would really appreciate an extension on the date due.
You call one of your friends that simply loves all kinds of projects and be more than happy to do it for you.
You force your friends to do it and blackmail them that you will never talk to them again if they don't help you out.
You call your very best friend and cry on the phone complaining until he/she offers to do it for you.
You know that one of your friends is going to work in the field that you study, so yo uoffer him/her to do it in order to be more updated and prepared for the real thing.
6. You are at your best friend's birthday and you have your eye on one of the guests, single, attractive, and interesting. What do you do?
You complain to your best friend on how hard it is to find the right person, and then ask your best friend to introduce you.
You decide to go straight forward to your target and introduce yourself in the most pleasant manner.
You get yourself surrounded by friends and keep them laughing hoping that your target will be intrigued and simply come join.
You find all the information about your target from your friend and then approach him/her making sure to use all you learned about him/her to your advantage.
You approach your target and start the convo by saying how hard it is to find someone right for you and how many wrong someones there are.
7. You are on a very strict diet thanks to your family doctor, but you are horribly craving something sweet. What do you do to stop the craving?
Obviously get something sweet, it's not a big deal if it is once, besides you really can't stop thinking about how bad you will feel if you keep resisting.
You have some sweets at home, but you keep your distance from them, you would never forgive yourself if your health went wrong because of your little cravings.
You won't touch anything sweet no matter what, just think what might happen if you did.
You eat your favorite fruit, trying your best to pretend that is what you want.
You call one of your friends who is also on a diet a seek support.
8. You just found out that you flunked your exam by two points. What will you do to fix it?
You ask one of your friends who works part time as the janitor to switch the mark.
You pretend you were very sick on that date and was under the influence of the pills, you ask your teacher for those two points, after all it's not that much.
You remember a few mistakes your teacher has done himself and remind him of them.
You logically explain to the teacher that you weren't there when they went over that and that you had a docotro note for that time and if he goes over quickly over the material you will be more than glad to retake the exam.
You go to the teacher and knowing how much he cares about his class reputation announce him that two points are nothing compared to the fact that one of his students failed and that only reflects on the teacher.
9. You have worked really hard for a promotion in your company. You know that soon it will be time for the boss to promote someone because there is a job opening for a higher position. How do you convince your boss to choose you for the promotion?
You name all the tasks you have accomplished and how well you have performed, providing solid statistics and proof.
You already came up with a great idea on how to raise your profit margin you share your ideas with the boss, you know that is what he is looking for.
You ask a few friends in the same field to put in a good word for you.
You walk around scaring candidates with stories of how stressful the new position is.
Most of the people know that you are the only one supporting your large household, if they have any heart they will definitely promote you.
10. You just have found out that you and your best friend are aiming for the same hottie. What do you do?
You convince your bestfriend that he/she is no good for her/him.
You look at your bestfriend and mention how unfair life is and it is obvious that the hottie will not even notice you next to the your bestfriend, and you don't even have time to go out look for other candidates.
You believe that it isn't up to you to choose. You should both try and let the hottie decide who suits her/him more.
You make sure to show off just how much other hitties are into you, to demonstrate that you are the obvious choice.
You tell your friend horrible stories on hotties just like this one who cheat and play with your mind.
11. What is your worst quality?
Stubborness, you hate giving up your positions.
You are a cry baby, you cry most of the time and sometimes for no good reasons.
You give to much to others and barely concentrate on yourself.
You despise weak people and simply can't accept those who fear a lot.
Too spontaneous, you hate being predictable therefore you love acting as if there is no tomorrow simply to avoid being predictable.
12. What is your best quality?
You are very analytical, you like to analyze evrything and depth and come to certain conclusions.
You are very honest and straight forward, you don't like hypocrites.
You are a very reliable friend and a very a social person, you have a ton of friends.
You are very brave, you barely fear anything and even if you did you wouldn't show it.
You are very loveable, and there are many people who can't stand to see you sad, and care for you a lot.
13. Choose what set of qualities would you prefer to have and will be willing to work on.
Diplomatic and honest.
Observative and sleek.
Reliable and friendly
Strong and fearless
Cute and sweet

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