What Nirvana Song Are You?

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BBand3DGandBMTH said:
Dec 8 '14, 9:53PM

Oliver Sykes once said, suicide doesn't keep life from getting worse, it just prevents life from getting better

peace4evr said:
Oct 1 '14, 7:51PM

Smells like teen spirit! !!

jellybabies said:
Sep 5 '14, 3:15PM

Smells like teen spirit ( and I'm also a teen )

Kurdtlove said:
Apr 24 '14, 3:03AM

I got something in the way and I absolutely love the song but I wasn't abused as a child or very sad for that matter haha

imadork said:
Mar 15 '14, 8:54AM


kristalrocks said:
Dec 27 '13, 4:55PM

i got smells like teen spirit. -woot- that's my fave song by them other than come as you are

Fallen Life said:
Aug 1 '13, 12:38AM

i got endless,nameless i havent heard it so im gonna look it up

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