What NBC "The Office" character are you?

The reason so many people love to watch the show, "The Office" is because we can relate to the characters. Maybe we've had a boss like Michael, or maybe we sometimes feel like Pam. It's a great show because you care about what happens to the people at Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

So what Dunder Mifflin employee are YOU? Who do you most relate with? Think you know? Well, try this quiz and see if you see yourself the way others do!

Created by: Meagan of Meagan's Myspace
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2. What is your gender?
3. On a typical morning you..
Wake up to bacon that grilled while you slept.
Get up, put on a botton down shirt, throw your hiar back and start the day.
Get up early to work out side before going to work.
Get up really early to make sure that everything in your life is n oder before you go to work.
Groan and think to yourself, "another day."
Get up pick out your work close and get ready for a day that is just like every other.
4. Your favorite part of your job is
Picking out a cute outfit to wear to work.
Seeing your best friend.
Making people laugh.
When it is over.
Getting on your boss's nearves.
Doing everything right.
5. In your free time you like to
Google jokes online
Spend time with your family
6. If you could be anything it would be
A stand up comedian.
An Artist.
A wife/husband.
A Jedi.
A good Dad/Mom.
7. You love the movie
Edward Scissorhands
Dazed and Confused
The Crow
The Passion of the Christ
Mrs. Doubtfire
While You Were Sleeping
8. Favorite color
9. When you are in love you
Keep it to yourself.
Hit on the person you like as much as you can.
Ask the person to marry you, even if you haven't known them very long.
Carry on a secret romance.
Actually feel happy.
Wonder why you like this person.
10. Your idea of a good time is
A quite evening with your favorite person.
Saving the world.
A loud party where you are the center of attention.
Time with your family.
Spending time wih your cat.
Anything away from work.
11. When a friend is going through a hard time
you give really good advice.
you project yourself onto other people's problems.
you tell them to stick to the rules.
you are a good listener.
you are a shoulder to cry on.
you talk about yourself.
12. When you throw a party
You only invite the people you really want there.
Have to have all the food and decorations right.
it is a theme party.
Want everything to be pretty.
You rent a karaoke machine.
You don't invite anyone from your job.

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