Which Office Character Are You?

If you have ever been curious which Office character is most similar to you then why dont you simply take this quiz and find out! There are eight possible results, featuring eight of the most important characters on the Office that we have come to know and love.

If you dont believe me that this is the best quiz ever, then read one of our lovely testimonials from some person. Testemonial: I have been curious about which character I am most similar to for months, and now I know. Thanks to this quiz my life is complete. -Some person

Created by: Jenna
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you worked at a small paper supply company, what would be your job?
Regional Manager
Assistant to the Regional Manager
Customer Relations
Head of Accounting
4. Which of these is one of your favorite hobbies?
Joke Telling
Drawing or Painting
Playing Pranks
Memorizing Bear Facts
Drinking a lot of Alcohol
Playing with Your Cats
5. Which of these quotes sounds like something you would say?
"Wow thats really hard, are you sure you can go all day long? Well you always left me satisfied."
"Thats what she said."
While grabbing some vodka, "I would never use drugs, I couldnt abuse my body that way."
"I bet if I just packed my things and left, no one even remember I was here, and I'd forget."
"I love pink the color, pink the person, snow cones, basically anything that is awesome."
"It was nice of him to offer, but I live in a 9 bedroom farmhouse, I have my own cross bow range."
6. If your office was having a halloween party, what would you dress up as?
A two headed man
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
A black Cat
A tan Cat
A Sith Lord
As someone with their head cut open
7. What kind of car is your favorite?
a silver convertable Sebring, by Chrysler
A blue coupe
A silver coupe
A 1987 brick red trans am
An old brownish van
A silver sedan
8. Which describes you best?
Darker skin, well styled black hair, big eyes, and wears a lot of makeup.
Hottest in the Office.
Tall, handsome, brown hair, big eyes and smile.
Glasses, beaty little eyes, arms= the gun show, hair parted horribly.
Short, blonde, 92 pounds, modestly dressed, very little makeup.
Red hair, very wrinkled face, not physically fit, face stuck with a frown.
9. Which is most similar to your life goals?
Get married to the person you love and have a house with a terrace.
Have a hundred kids so that you will have a hundred friends so no one can say "no" to being your friend.
Own your own business.
Fall in love, have babies! Have a suburban with three rows of seats.
Walk the trail to Mordor just like in Lord of the Rings
Do nothing productive.
10. Who would you be most attracted to?
Your handsome best friend.
Your beautiful best friend.
A nerdy and unattractive person.
A petite blonde.
The hottest in the office.
Everyone, cause your drunk.
11. What would be your main motivation for working at all at your job?
You love the company and your employees.
You like to hang out with people and goof off while earning money.
You love and respect your boss.
You are a professional and should act as such.
You are earning money to finish business school so that you can get a better job.
Your boyfriend works there too.
12. If you were to receive an award from your boss what would it be?
The whitest sneakers award.
Hottest in the Office.
Tight Ass award.
Spiciest Curry award.
Dont go in there after me award.
You wouldnt receive one cause you are too busy DJing the event.
13. What would your perfect romantic gift would be?
A kiss from your crush.
Anything to shows that someone cares.
A bobble head doll that looks exactly like you.
A key to something special.
Your friends' money.
Having the guy you like take you out.
14. Which of these would make you laugh or smile the most?
You pull a ladder out from someone and before they fall and get injured, say "hows it hangin?"
some bad joke that your boss just told.
Some kid just spilt a chocolate milkshake on your annoying gf or bf.
A rap about lollipops and the cronicles of narnia.
a picture of babies dressed like musicians.
Putting nickels into someone's phone handset until they got used to the weight, then taking them all out, causing the person to hit himself in the head with the phone.

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