What NBC "The Office" character are you?

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Beverlyreagan said:
Mar 17 '15, 11:34AM

How did i get kelly!!!

Pieluver13 said:
May 18 '13, 4:37PM

I got Toby the one no one likes + im a GIRL!!!

friendzonefiona said:
Sep 14 '12, 11:29AM

jim halpert... I guess I can see a bit of myself in him. not bad

KCChiefs said:
Jul 25 '12, 2:52AM

i got Ryan but ALMOST got Dwight, then it was Jim then it was michael. so close... im okay with rye rye tho.

Shaysterrr said:
Sep 28 '10, 9:52AM

yayyyyy!!!!!! im michael scott!!! whoo hoo!!!

coolme3 said:
May 30 '10, 11:33PM

cool quiz. I guess my name is jim now

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