What Natural Element are You

this is a quiz to see wich one of the legandary elements you are. you could be fire, water, wind, or earth. but in my theory there aren't only 4 natural or legandary elements.this is just a sample of what the true elements are.

this quiz is not about the elements of the periodic table of elements but of what the true natural spiritual elements are and these are the main 4. wich one are you?

Created by: Naomi
1. What is your age?
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18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. your favorite thing to do at night is...
light a campfire and tell stories
go for a swim
go animal wacthing
go for a long walk and maybe not come back
4. your ideal day is...
hot, humid, and bright
cool, and rainy, and misty
a true day to connect with earth and the spirits
windy and misty and misteriose
5. what is your friendship like?
bright and flashy and everybody knows about it
we are one and one of a kind
total nature lovers
I don't realy have any friends
6. if you see someone in need you...
askthem what i can do and if it's in my power I'll help
try to get them to help themselves
do everything I can for them
try to help them for a little while
7. your favorite activity is...
playing with lights, like firecrackers and stuff like that
going swimmiing and stuff like that
go collect recicalables
go walking
8. your favorite flower is...
indian paint brushes, the colors are awsome!
water lilies and tulips
oh I can't choose, there all so beautiful
9. your favorite animal is...
a big feroucious beast, like a tiger or something
something beautiful, like a swan or a loon
i could never choose
maybe a bird or a horse, something that could travel
10. your favorite type of book is...
something with no stop action and aventure and danger with lots of heroic saves
something romantic and sweet
any non-fition story
a story of someone or something's travels
11. your favorite color is...
something bright and flashy and hot
cool greens and blues and such
natural colors, ones people can't copy
pale colors, ones that exspress motion
12. your moto is...
take control and live
let fate diside
live and learn and listen
follow your heart

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