How Natural Is Your Horsemanship?

There are millions of horseback riders, but few horsemen (and women). Only the best are Natural Horsemen, working with the horse's mind, body and instincts to teach partnership and peak performance.

Is YOUR horsemanship natural? Do you have the skills and understanding to become a master natural horseman and friend to horses everywhere? Take this quiz and find out just how natural your horsemanship is!

Created by: kirsten lee of Natural Horse Training Methods
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1. What is your age?
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18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. Your horse refuses to load into the horse trailer. What do you do?
Bring out a bucket of grain and hope he'll follow it in
Take him away from the trailer and practice his basic leading and obedience skills
My horse jumps in the trailer by himself
Find my brother and his 2 lineback friends to push my horse in
Find the longewhip or a broom-- he needs to know who's boss!
Load another horse first--maybe he'll be more willing with a buddy already inside.
4. When I ride, I tack up my horse with
A trendy saddle and a pad that matches my outfir
A bit guarenteed by the tack catalogue to make him engage his hocks and set his head
A simple snaffle bridle and a well-fitting saddle.
Silver and rhinestones!
Sometimes a rope halter, sometimes a saddle and bridle, sometimes nothing at all!
A martingale, tie down, or flash noseband
5. You are excited about going to a clinic. You are going to ride with
Ann Kursinski
Lendon Gray
Pat Parelli
Al Dunning
Buck Branaman
Martha Josey
6. My bit is made out of
Sweet iron--my horse loves the taste!
stainless steel-it polishes up beautifully!
Bit? What bit?
I use a nice mechanical hackamore.
I don't know, do I look like a metalsmith?
A copper blend of aurigean silver--my horse loves the taste!
7. You selected your saddle out of all the others because
It is custom made and fits you and your horse like a glove
The color of the leather sets off the highlights in your horse's coat
It is well balance, and some creative shimming lets you get a perfect fit
It was the cheapest you could find
It was the most expensive you could find
Saddle? What saddle?
8. Your horse is frisky this fine frosty morning. You
Longe him til he's quiet--you don't want to risk getting dumped
Set out at a blanced trot, doing lots of transitions and bending to keep his attention
Decide to ride tomorrow
Practice halting and backing up--he can't get away with acting up.
Get on and set out at fast trot-- he'll settle down soon enough!
Spend a little extra time on his groundwork to make sure he's focused and responsive
9. You want to teach your horse to jump, but he is afraid of the painted planks you set up in the ring. You
Start with poles on the ground until he is comfortable
Use your crop and spurs--he MUST obey the leg!
Ask your friend to give you a lead with her proven jumper.
Sell him and buy a warmblood
Go back to groundwork to increase his confidence, understanding and obedience.
Decide you don't want to jump after all
10. Your horse
Lives in a roomy box stall deeply bedded with golden straw.
Roams 20 acres in a small herd of buddies.
Is happiest in the portable corral attached to your horse trailer.
Spends his days in a tie-stall: it was good enough for your grand-pappy, it's good enough for you!
Wanders your 5-acre yard and plays with his pet goat.
Goes in his stall when its cold and rainy or hot and buggy.
11. A cattle work clinic is advertised. You
Sign up immediately--real cowboys work cattle!
Sign up immediately--its great cross training for your dressage horse/pleasure horse/jumper/etc.
Laugh out loud! "Puh-leeze! And ruin my horse?!"
Keep away. Cows smell.
Wonder if there'll be steaks on the grill afterwards.
12. You love your horse and want to do right by him. You
Try out all the latest alternative remedies and supplements
Feed him extra vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutraceudicals, etc--if you don't have your health, you don't have anything!
Read everything written by your favorite guru and do everything he says. He's so successful, he must be right!
Read traditional veterinary journals as well as the latest alternative research. Common sense goes a long way in figuring out what works!
Feed him corn and timothy and use the family recipe for secret salve. If it was good enough for grand-pappy, it's good enough for you!
Ask your vet and do what they say--they're professionals after all!

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