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O1Awesomeness said:
Jan 5 '16, 5:12PM

Are you supposed to be a girl in order to take this quiz? All of these names are girl names. I got Katelyn. Also, if you put in a question for boys, then you HAVE to have a boy name for a result.

Pearl Dragon said:
Sep 23 '13, 6:20AM

i got my dogs name, Raine.

ebbill said:
Apr 28 '13, 4:07AM

Again I am given a female name when I choose male as my gender. This quiz failed just at the vampire name quiz did by giving CLAIRE. Here's the spooky thing. Some of my friends have nicknamed me Clara because I am like the aunt in Bewitched always mucking things up and landing in fireplaces so they called me Aunt Clara when I was a fugitive. One of my friends did get it right the first time so he has called me Claire ever since. Spooky, huh? It still failed me because I was looking for a cool vampire name for a French Aristocrat

Happy AJ said:
Mar 25 '13, 11:44AM

RAINE nice one i like it

Oct 20 '12, 5:43PM

Got jasmine >.

Oct 20 '12, 5:43PM

Got jasmine >.

magicmovement said:
Jun 27 '12, 12:50PM

i have a coz name jasmine and she is mysterious!!! wow that something you dont see every day.

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