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  • Werewolf yay and I am short tempered and love the outdoors

    Wolfgurl06 May 25 '16, 7:01AM
  • I'm a Shape Shifter!*changes to a fart*

    The best tomboy Apr 11 '14, 9:24PM
  • I have Vampire. But I would rather have Dragon. T_T but anyway it describes me more than the description of dragon will ever be.. :D

    lovebooksandme Sep 28 '13, 10:12AM
  • I'm a vampire yesss but really who belives vamps can burn in sunlight and is alergic to garlic or can die with wooden stakes not me my friend is a vampire not kidding in real life his mom is human though but he can go on sunlight and can go near garlic and likes sharp woods he carved me a dagger

    mistygurl Jul 27 '12, 7:39PM
  • Witch! If you dont like me i'll turn you into a frog!

    secret8 Jun 7 '12, 9:25AM
  • I Got A Bit Of Everything But I Was Mostly Which. That Sounds Just Like Me! I Love Taking Quizes

    SilverMoon8 May 14 '12, 4:27PM
  • im all of them!!!!!!!!!!!1 coooool but im mostly a werewolf

    truewolf14 Feb 27 '12, 4:18PM

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