What Metal type are you?

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105MetalRock30y said:
Oct 29 '15, 9:13AM

im 105 yarz ol
i brly abel to typ
u tel me 2 die
i no i m
bcos i 105 yz ol
i vry snsitib
y u do dis you pepenis

Shirokuma said:
Oct 16 '14, 12:04AM

Very nice xDD

Theopolise said:
Jun 6 '14, 10:13PM

I'm tech metal! They got it right! I'm in a prog metal band.

agingHIPSTER said:
Mar 26 '13, 11:01PM

I passed with 77%. NO DICE!

DiverseCitizen said:
Aug 14 '12, 2:50PM

Hm. Technical. It's funny, how could they know that I like akward time sigs? Or that I play an instrument? Could it be because I answered the questions truthfully? Hm. But I am happy with my result.

TheInfernalFrost said:
Mar 4 '12, 2:37AM

Metalhead36D It is a pentagram when it is the star alone. When it is encircled it is a pentacle. Yes, I am black metal! :D

ESPforever said:
Mar 6 '09, 3:10PM

Nice to answer but the answer is completely irrelevant.

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