What Mental Illness Are You?

Hey, we're all at least a little crazy. But what kind of crazy? This quiz is designed to take your personality and choices and match you up with your specific type.

Do you want to know what mental illness are you? This quiz will tell you. Of course just HOW mental you are...well you'll have to judge that for yourself.

Created by: artemisbrave
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. When you wake up on the morning, you...?
Are filled with the urge to go out to breakfast, go shopping, then see a movie, then swing by your friends house, then make dinner, then hands churn some ice cream and stay up 'til three because tomorrow you'll be too depressed to do anything.
Wonder if the dog next door has used telepathy to hide your keys again.
Hide under the covers until you're sure the shadow in the corner is only cast by your chair in the sunlight.
Sit up in bed and touch your feet to the floor four times then eating a bowl of cheerios three at a time.
Are surprised to discover you're living in an apartment and not the house you were raised in.
4. When you leave to go to work you...?
Touch each lock twice before locking and unlocking each of then seven times in order.
Check to make sure you have enough holy water and plastic wrap to get you through the day.
Suddenly feel very tired and call in sick.
Go to work only to be told by reception that you were fired three months ago.
Take the stairs because the lights on the elevator flicker sometimes.
5. Your co-workers are...?
Used to the fact that you introduce yourself everytime you see eachother.
Used to using hand wipes before they are allowed to enter your cubicle.
Sure not to use white-out on your documents because Dateline said it might have spider eggs in it.
Oblivious to the fact that there is a undercover government spy amongst them.
Used to the fact that you have spontaneous crying fits in the bathroom.
6. Your boss...?
Doesn't believe you that his pet ferret could be dangerous and disease infected.
Doesn't correct you when you call him 'Dad'.
Has you show up to meeting twenty minutes early so you can straighten to room before it begins.
Has timed your moodshifts in order to manage the workflow
Is in league with the guerilla monkeys
7. For lunch you have...?
A brown bag lunch with a sandwhich cut diagonally and carrots cut in half-inch by two inch segments.
Forgot it and spend the hour trying to find you desk.
Eat lots of garlic and coffee to ward off the vampires.
Only eat airsealed lunches from companies whose standards are up to your liking.
Everything on the menu to celebrate a great morning's work.
8. In the evening you...?
Watch TV and eat an entire half-gallon of ice cream to drown your sorrow.
Thoroughly vacuum your carpet and steam clean your sponges.
Watch reruns of your favorite tv show, eager to know what happened next.
Make sure the cloaking device on your computer is still intact.
Make sure the shadow in the corner is still only the chair.
9. Your friends...?
Complain that you never return their calls.
Complain that you cancel plans and always call in the middle of the night.
Complain that you always insist on cleaning their house.
Complain that you make them use a password to confirm their identity.
Complain that you never want to go out.
10. Your shrink says...?
You need to face your fears.
You need to stay on your meds.
You need to stop doubting everyone.
You need to write reminders for yourself.
You need to deviate from routine.
11. Your favorite ice cream is...?
Vanilla-Chocolate Swirl
Any kind is okay
12. Your favorite color is...?

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