What's your Mental Illness?

Well when we think of mental illness, we think of really crazy people who do the darnest of things. But not all mental illnesses are like that and even Dislexia or ADD ( learning problems) are a common mental illnesses, but people with those arent exactly crazy.

Well You want to learn about mental illnesses? well you have come to the right... uh quiz! remember that this quiz is just for fun and you WILL end up with a mental illness in the end regarless of weather you HAVE a mental illness. It's just a fun quiz made by a 12-year-old who loves to learn about things like this. HOWEVER if you truly, TRUELY do believe that you have a mental illness then please contact your health provider!

Created by: Sarah
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Ok those first to questions don't count, I think when people make them effect the results because age and gender should NOT effect you answer!
totally agree.
Is Dislexia a mental disordor...? (Me :yes and hurry you learned something new!)
Questions? lets move on!
4. Ok now to begin. what's one thing that you probibly can't go on without doing in your daily life.
Washing my hands.
Going off into my little world.
I need to look good.... for my stalkers.
I don't know. My thoughts are always changing.
I usally just stay in a safe spot. so nobody can ever think of hurting me!
5. Pick an ideam please.
A line of something that looks exactly the same.... like cans of soup... all lined exactly the same.
Um I don't really know... A book? Paper Clip? Something!
A safe spot in my happy world where I can get away from stress that my life is . ( Me: that's not EXACTLY an ideam but whatever I guess.)
A heart with black wings... it shows the good and bad in my life.
A group of random objects.
6. Be honest. What's a Flaw about yourself?
Drugs.. Or Alcohol... or something of that nature.
Well I keep things clean, maybe too so much that it takes up time in my life.
Sometimes Im scared to think about my fucture because of my horrible pasto_o
I don't have very many friends. I think they think Im crazy!
I can sometimes make bad or careless mistakes because I don't pay attentiom
7. Ture Or False. You Like To Move Things Around Till Their Perfect.
Never really thought about it.
8. Do You Feel As If People Pay To Much Attention To You? Or As If They Only See You Flaws?
Yeah Totally.
They Only Watch Me When I Make Mistakes! its horrible!
Um No Not Really.
They Watch Me Cuz Im pretty!
Totally Not Ture. I wish people payed MORE attention to me!
9. DO You Get Bad Grades? be Honest, I don't think anybodys seeing your answers right now so you can be totally honest.
Yeah, My Teacher tries to help me but I can really focus :p
What Do you MEAN theirs nobody watching me?
No I get Good Grades.
I think I spend too much time doing other things and I end up not spending enough time on homework or schoolwork.
Eh I don't really care.
10. You Tend To Stick With The Same Number When Doing Anything Or Somethings.
Not Ture, I can do anything with any number
I always do certain things with certain numbers.
I feel Like I need To Use A Certain Number To Word Off Evil Or Scary Things Sometimes.
Why Would I pay attention To Numbers In terms of DOING THINGS?
Well I guess when it comes to cooking or Cleaning and you need to use a certain amount of things then I guess I stick with that number?
11. Does Your Mind Wander Off To Strange Questions Or Thoughts? such as Why Do We Even Wear Clothes In Summer? Or If They World Is Upside Down, Then Why Don't we Float Into The Sky When The Earth Is Upside-Down?
Yeah, Sometimes I think the world is crazy if I can ask myself these questions enough.
My Mind Wanders And Ends Up On Strange Questions.
No, Wait What? Why Would Anybody Be Thinking Those Things???
Maybe On Somedays But I can't even think strate on others!
I end up scaring myself because when I think to much bad memories come to mind.
12. Have You ever bin stalked? or bothered by somebody online? does it happen alot? do poeple KEEP stalking you?
Yeah totally! I have poeple stalking me online and off right now!
like, maybe once.
I don't really pay enough attention to notice things like stalkers.
Well After an event that I went to, I have this guy stalking me and he makes my life so hard!
13. Do You Have Constant Nightmares that bring back scary or strange memories?
Yeah, all the time and it really scares me, it can ruin my day.... all of my days are ruined now o_o
um no not really.
I have a BUNCH of dreams, when Im alsleep my mind goes crazy.
No I don't get dreams! its sad.
sometimes I get nightmares on days when I get sad, on other days I get really fun and happy dreams,

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