What kind of scientist are you?

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CFC said:
Jun 11 '16, 11:55AM


Bitupan said:
Mar 28 '15, 10:33AM

Ya.. I think that I will.

Bitupan said:
Mar 28 '15, 10:30AM

Ya.. I think that I will.

emmers said:
Dec 11 '14, 9:42PM

Physicist! yay!

dsi411 said:
Oct 6 '13, 1:12AM

Hmm chemist. Interesting

Kepler said:
Sep 1 '12, 9:27PM

Chemist. Absolutely.

DreamDawn21368 said:
Aug 4 '12, 3:02AM

WOOOO!!!!! i got biologist!!!! :D totz awesome! cant wait til uni when i can study science subjects!

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