What kind of scientist are you?

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Did you ever think you could be a scientist? Just about everyone has an inner-scientist. You may be surprised how many different routes you can take.

So the question is, if you were to pursue a career in the sciences, where would you end up? What type of scientist does your personality make you? Take this short quiz and find out!

Created by: Jamael Sadallah of Jamael's Shorts
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3. When you are bored, what is your favorite thing to do?
I play with Legos ®. I love building towers and trying to find ways to make them higher!
I like to watch bugs/birds. It’s so interesting to listen to birdcalls or watch how ants march in a single file line.
I like to play outside. Climb trees, play on rocks, splash in the river… really anything that has to do with being outside.
I like to cook. Did you know that chocolate is unbearably bitter without sugar?
I like to play video games. I like to imagine another world other than my own.
4. If you had a collection of something, what would it be?
Rocks. I have this one that looks like a sponge!
Shark teeth. They come in so many different sizes!
Old electronics. I just know that one of these days I’ll make myself a robot!
Magnets. I love how they attract and avoid each other, even with something in between.
Candles. I love watching the wick burn, the wax melt, and the flame flicker!
5. What would you say is your greatest quality?
I am compassionate. I think of other’s feelings and perspectives before I make a decision.
I am very creative. I can turn anything into something fun and cool!
I am very practical. I don’t make impulse decisions and I carefully think things through.
I am adventurous. I love exploring things and finding new places!
6. You see a story on the news about a car accident. What are your thoughts?
If only that van had stepped on its brakes just a few seconds earlier…
Sounds like something went wrong with the transmission.
I hope someone got there in time! He could be exposed to tetanus!
Sounds like a DUI situation. Alcohol can really affect reaction times, you know.
I bet it was near that area with all the trees and rocks. It’s hard to see around that bend sometimes….
7. You walk out of an old building. What do you notice?
That speeding car is only gonna have to slam on his brakes in a few hundred feet. The light ahead of you is red! Geez!
This building has some cracks coming out of the windows. That’s gonna be tough to patch up!
That couple across the street. I think they just broke up!
It looks like it’s gonna rain. Good thing I brought my umbrella!
The paint on this old building is peeling. I think the color has faded, too.
8. What is your favorite food?
Pizza. Plain and simple.
Something rich and complex, like homemade clam chowder with thyme.
Oh brother, how about an ice cream sundae with 4 different ice cream flavors, nuts, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, gummy bears, pretzels, …
Oreos. I break them apart, first eat the cookie without frosting, then scrape the frosting and eat the other half. If there’s milk involved, I do two five-second dunks.
I don’t know, I’m not picky, but I always tend to get food on my face…
9. What is your favorite article of clothing?
This really cool hat I made. It looks like a shark!
This really cool hat I bought from some kid. It looks like a shark!
Probably my belt. I don’t know why, but a fun belt just really brings an outfit together!
My Pink Floyd shirt. You know, the one with the prism.
My hiking boots. Keeps my ankles from twisting on that rough terrain!
10. What are you doing at an amusement park (other than riding roller coasters)?
People watching. For sure. You will find the weirdest collection of folk at amusement parks.
I try to figure out how the heck those people don’t fall out of their seats when the roller coasters go upside down!
I picture in my head what would make that roller coaster a bit more fun.
Thinking that the crazy raincloud will probably shut everything down. What a waste of a day…
Playing the water laser game. I’m really good at it, but what makes those stuffed animals so darn scratchy?
11. What is your favorite of the five senses?
Hearing. It blows my mind to think of how things have such unique sounds.
Seeing. There’s a lot you can learn about something if you just watch it long enough.
Smelling. What is in the air to make something smell sweet or musky?
Taste. You’d be surprised how many inedible things have a taste…
Touch. There’s just something neat about using your hands to make something new.
12. What would be your ideal work environment?
Sitting at a desk in an office.
Being outside.
Working in a lab.
Working with people.

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