what kind of parent are you

well mothers abd fathers are inportant test out what kind you are oke? well i have to rable again i so hate that and its not filles up yet so ill ceep rambeling i hope i am there soon cause i HATE dooing this

well i geus i sayd all i wantet to say so i wonderhows the wther i am dislexic so i cant work onmy spelling i cant see my mistakes be tolerant whit me well i have to ramble again dont you just hate that

Created by: sharon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. you have a baby and a job what do you do
work half days my baby is more inportant
the days i can be whit my baby i am whit my baby other days i make shore my baby is taken care of
take care of my baby best i can bring it to day care and stil work i need to feed it to so i need the job
who cares about my baby its just an exuse of beeing sick more often just dump the baby some where my parents ore a bbaby siter i dont care
4. youre baby is fussing what do you do
try and figure out whats wrong my baby cant talk so i have to figure it out by paying atention
oh no what can be wrong i call my mother maybe she can help i geus i need soem more experience
5. its youre babys birth day what do you do
i dont know i never ecspectet my child but i will try and selebrate it nothignis more in portant than a birthday
in the afternoon family coems ill ask them to be a little soft cause my baby also is stil small so it needs to sleep a ;little to
who cares its just a kid it wont notise
6. oke the todler times youre todler ceeps refusing an order
warn it one more time and if it than doesnt listen rais my voise a bit if that doesnt work give it a time out
hit it it better listen to me its not like i wantet it
i supose i try and negosiate but stil i am its parent so it has to listen to me
7. youre todler raided yits mothers make upo bag and tels you LOOOK MOMMY/DADDY am i petty now?
smile and say youre beuiful honey and wash it of after im done washing say well how about we wait whit the make up for a few more years
lach and say youre gorgeos honey wachit of and leave it at that
8. youre todler fell and is cying whatdoyou do
let it just cry come on tuffen up gees
oh no what to do euhm first dis infect it i geus
pic up my todler clean the woud if its wounded put a bandade on it and kids the woond parent kisses make it all better
9. child years now first day oos school how does youre child go to school
first year i bring my child so the first day i go in to the clas room and say ill see him/her after school
i ask my mother to bring my child i have a jobi cant be there but i would love to take my child myself
let the kid go on its own its big enough now dont botherme
10. youre child comes home whit its report card all fs what is youre reaction
ask what went wrong and try to help my child kearning is learnign of youre mistakes and asking help isnt it?
talk to my childs teachers and ask what i can do to help
why should i care probebly a retard
11. teen age years disy disdy hahaha youre child comes home later than cerview
ask why my child is late if its a reason able explanation let it go if its the first time it can happen
ask what happened and sent to roomgrounded for 2 days
i wouldnt even have cared if my child was dead next to the roud why should i care about a few minutes late
12. youre child comes home whit a lover but this lover isnt realy what youdowuld want youre child to end up whit
its my childs choise ill just warn my child to be care ful
tell my child i dotn realy aprovbe of there lover but its stil there choise rigth
scream at my childa re you crazy break up now ore ill give you a beating
13. inmagen you come home late you hear strange noises you climb the stairs to youre childs room you find yorue child making love
you close the door omg what did i just see?
youare schockt ofcorse if the child doesnt see me i close the door and sicus it in the morning safe sex and all
14. inmagen morning you go to youre childs room you thinkhe ore she is stil in bed cauyse you see some one laying there youre child should have bin at his part time job by now so you in tend to wake him her but in stead of youre child you see a person of the oposite sex in the bed (you can alsoin magen it is the one of the last questuin idf you want hahaha) the teen in bed is wering nothing but a t whirt just covering the orivate parts
id be flabbergeastet fior a moment than id tell the teen to dress him ore herself and go to the phone call his ore her mother and ask ARE YOU MISSING A CHILD CAUSE I HAPPEN TO HAVE ONE HERE
be schokt tel the child get dressed and just dont mention it
scream and shout and after that hit my own child for doing that what does it want to end like me whit a kid i never wnatet?

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