What kind of Mom are you?

Before we have kids, we think we know it all. Then we have them, and we panic! Are you starting to appreciate your Mom more now that you have kids? Do you parent the same way she did, or strike out in new directions? What kind of Mom are you?

Are you hip and happening, or wondering what happened to your hips? Do you rush out the door in designer clothes, or still in your bunny slippers? What's it all mean, anyway? What's YOUR Mom profile? Take our quiz and find out!

Created by: viv of Cool Moms Rule
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1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. Think back. When you first thought about having children, the first thing that came to your mind was:
I'm just a kid myself.
I want to have my children by the time I'm 27.
I can't wait to have a boy or girl to play with!
I'm going to raise them just the way my Mom raised me.
4. Before I had children, my home was:
neat and tidy.
too big, and too quiet.
my dorm room.
my parents' place.
a tiny apartment.
my boyfriend's/fiance's place.
5. In the delivery room, I told my partner:
This is easier than I thought!
I want to go home.
My contractions are right on schedule according to the second hand on my Rolex.
You are never touching me again.
Nothing, he wasn't there.
Nothing, because he passed out on the floor.
6. I wanted to have:
two children, a boy and a girl.
all my children before I was 30.
twins, to get it all over with at once!
a boy/boys just like the father.
a girl/girls just like me.
a few kids, but after labor I decided one was enough!
7. When my children were little, I never left the house without...
my Louis Vuitton bag.
forgetting something!
a soccer ball.
anti-bacterial wipes and a healthy snack.
8. Once my children are old enough to get married and/or move out on their own, I will...
sleep through the night again.
write that novel I always meant to get around to.
expect them to present me with grand-children promptly.
expect them to support me financially now.
9. These days, my body...
looks the same as before I had my kids.
is carrying a few pounds more than I would like.
is voluptuous.
is more womanly, which is just right for a matron.
is better than it was before I had my kids!
10. My partner...
respects me because I handle all my responsibilities so well.
understands that I am human and make mistakes.
respects my authority, because he knows I really wear the pants in the family
treats me like one of the guys.
11. My best friend
has been my best friend since we were kids.
is my Mom.
is my partner.
is myself!
12. What is the best lesson you have learned from being a Mom? (This is the last question! Promise!)
Enjoy it, they grow up so fast!
Successful kids have involved parents.
When Mom is happy, everyone is happy!
Kids are more resilient than you think.
I'm better at this than I thought I would be!
I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love my kids.

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