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Tiny_Tim said:
Feb 23 '11, 1:17PM

Livin la vida loca!
...she will wear you out, livin la vida loca...
Yup, that's me, but do you know what that song is actually about? 0_o It's kind of obscene.

CorrineAri said:
May 14 '10, 9:49AM

Livin' La Vida Loca... I'm taking this in 1st period! :)

I like music said:
Oct 26 '09, 8:17AM

Livin' La Vida Loca. That's what I got. It says I'm crazy. It's true, I am even at school. Great quiz.

skaterchick said:
Sep 1 '09, 10:02AM


silverstar_9 said:
Jul 27 '09, 12:15AM

I don't even know that song, but okay, I am described as it says. :)

twibrite said:
Jul 18 '09, 2:44PM

Livin Da Vida Loka!!!!!!Cool!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

Carri04 said:
Jun 30 '09, 7:15PM

Livin' La Vida Loca? I know that song! lol

Shadow2 said:
Jun 29 '09, 4:14PM

Cool quiz and so true I am too hard working

koolgirl said:
Jun 28 '09, 6:00PM

Funkytown is what i got and i like, but i wish guys were attracted to me well. they are bet not the cute daring ones just the ok nice smarts. lol awesome quiz

iceprincess95 said:
Jun 24 '09, 8:35PM

take me to funkytown oh yea love that song lol

iceprincess95 said:
Jun 24 '09, 8:27PM

take me to funkytown oh yea love that song lol

depressedemogirl said:
Jun 15 '09, 5:41PM

MANIC MONDAY- The Bangles. I don't know that song.

TristanRD said:
Jun 12 '09, 5:15PM

Your Result: FUNKYTOWN - Lipps. Inc lol

You are fun, loving, carefree, and upbeat. Your warmth attracts others to you. You've got a good groove. And, really want to go to Funkytown. "Won't you take me to FUNKYTOWN?"

LIVI N' LA VIDA LOCA - Ricky Martin
BLACKBIRD - The Beatles
TOMORROW - Annie (The Musical)
MANIC MONDAY - The Bangles
DOWNTOWN - Petula Clark

flirty2damax said:
Jun 10 '09, 10:51PM


Shadow2 said:
Jun 8 '09, 7:28PM

it was a ok quiz. Take my quiz who are you from the twilight saga? on this website

Dickhead said:
Jun 7 '09, 11:31PM

Cool, far off from Miley Cyrus... Guessing you had to answer the questions in the worst possible answer... ever.

Puppy xo1 said:
Jun 7 '09, 5:41PM

Your Result: LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA - Ricky Martin

You are living the crazy life. You're into superstitions. You're into new sensations. Don't wear yourself out livin' that crazy life you lead. You live in the moment. Congratulations on doing what so many of us fail to do!


mangopeeler07 said:
Jun 7 '09, 12:34PM


richfast said:
Jun 6 '09, 8:48PM

I got the song i hate!!!!!!THE CLIMB!!!!!EEWW!!!Tr y my quiz

Are you a couch potatoe?

Marty said:
Jun 6 '09, 10:32AM

lol i got FUNKYTOWN.i love that song alot!tee hee that song is werid but in a good way:) "Won't you take me to, FUNKYTOWN?"

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