What is your political ideology?

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Confederate said:
Feb 14 '18, 4:15PM

This is of course a quiz by a leftist. Obviously, I had very few Libertarian answers, especially with State Government and Taxes. I ended up 90% Conservative, when I'm really Libertarian.

Grateful said:
Apr 29 '16, 6:57AM

Obviously created by a narrow minded leftist. There was not enough nuance. As usual with the left you have to choose from a lesser of evils! I didn't fully agree with most of the answers I chose but my views weren't represented. The creator should broaden his/her world view. Turn off the tube & read classic philosophy and anthropology.

dpd376 said:
Apr 25 '16, 5:42PM

This quiz is horribly biased the left has several options to choose from, conservative/libert arians are often stuck with one extreme answer

winjooyahh said:
Apr 25 '16, 2:20PM

It is US-based. How about those outside the US?

Nikt said:
Feb 25 '16, 7:50PM

There was not enough answers to these questions &, dear quizmaker, you forgot that there's 'that delete-the-govermen t ideology' too. Please, next time include this one so I have more than 1 answer that I can choose -_-

classicalliberal said:
Dec 30 '15, 7:22AM

Had very high for both liberal and conservative (both in >90%) and also high for libertarian >75&.) Makes sense given I hold many strong liberal, conservative and libertarian convictions. Surprising liberal was so high though, guess it was just the questions they asked.

44risorgimento said:
Oct 11 '15, 6:08PM

Shawn Kulm:
Same situation here with questions lacking answers I would choose. For example,for question 4, I think there should be a progressive tax, but it should not be "steeper".

Similar problem with question 13 as SuckItRaw.

Sover eignty and diplomacy are, in my view, the same thing.

The final result was - I think - pretty accurate, but some of the questions are flawed.

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