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classicalliberal said:
Dec 30 '15, 7:22AM

Had very high for both liberal and conservative (both in >90%) and also high for libertarian >75&.) Makes sense given I hold many strong liberal, conservative and libertarian convictions. Surprising liberal was so high though, guess it was just the questions they asked.

44risorgimento said:
Oct 11 '15, 6:08PM

Shawn Kulm:
Same situation here with questions lacking answers I would choose. For example,for question 4, I think there should be a progressive tax, but it should not be "steeper".

Similar problem with question 13 as SuckItRaw.

Sover eignty and diplomacy are, in my view, the same thing.

The final result was - I think - pretty accurate, but some of the questions are flawed.

Trustbutverify__ said:
Sep 17 '15, 10:05PM

Communist radical left accurate quiz

Curom said:
Jul 26 '15, 11:30PM

Right wing in a left winged country :/

Curom said:
Jul 26 '15, 11:29PM

Wow... I got facist... That's not good...

Cinder fall 101 said:
Dec 17 '14, 4:14PM

If u believe in anything then it could happen so think about what ur doing right know or if ur being an idiot and posting a quiz about girls or boy or anything inappropriate so think about what u think about

allbefree said:
Jul 23 '14, 2:37PM

Unfortunately someone decided to associate Fascist with Conservative? The definition of a Fascist is when the government (not citizens) tells you how to live, by force or coersion. A true conservative does not do either, while the socialist/fascist government does exactly that - example Obamacare and political correctness fostered by the "socialist" left.

Sherlockian said:
Feb 7 '14, 11:45AM

This quiz is highly biased, for example there are numerous examples of answers that say "unless a full transition to socialism is achieved", the questions there quite obviously lead to getting a result of 'Socialist'. This is clearly made from the point of view of a right wing Republican, the ones who call Obama a Socialist. The only answers worded even remotely reasonably are the ones that would relate to Libertarianism or Conservatism. Anything relating to other Ideologies is worded as though the person saying it is some form of extremist. A poor and very biased quiz.

Communist said:
Jan 24 '14, 8:35PM

Everyone should be communists

Totalmee said:
Nov 14 '13, 10:21PM

Conservative all the way!!!

SuckItRaw said:
Oct 4 '13, 9:42AM

It pegged me right, but I think the poll/quiz itself had far to many extremist options and nowhere near enough not-so- extreme options.

Global Warming, Taxes, Citizen ownership of Guns, Affirmative Action, States Rights, Nationalism, War and General Opinion of the Gov't each had only extreme options...
...for example:
Citizen Ownership of Guns -
options are:
1) It is the only thing that is keeping the government from raiding all of our homes
2) The Second Amendment is largely open to interpretation, and is at best, a clause that no longer applies. Repeal it.
3) Keep the Second Amendment a part of the U.S. Constitution, but pass legislation to better regulate the sale of firearms to enure social safety.
4) The Second Amendment was a business-serving move that has led to the creation of an arms-industry that now cannot be stopped, as to do so, would be "unconstitutional"

5) Citizen ownership of guns is harmful because it contributes to rebellion against the state.

I ask, where is the answer that states:
Second Amendment is valid as is, it was written for the purpose of ensuring the people retain the rights to arm themselves any situation that they deem necessary, hunting, protection, defense, etc... No government should ever have the right to remove rights of law abiding citizens who contribute to society and aren't a plague upon it. No further regulation required.

Arcturus6 said:
Aug 15 '13, 10:04AM

The quiz accurately reflected my beliefs. As far as I am concerned, the so-called "political left" has done more to destroy the United States than any other element in the civil order.

momsy227 said:
Jun 22 '13, 6:48PM

I'm a Social-Democrat which is very accurate. Nice quiz, and yeah you actually need to be intelligent in order to get the right result. I want equality, progression, freedom and morality.

Angantyr said:
May 12 '13, 8:42AM

Communist which is very accurate for me.

Adonnus said:
Mar 11 '13, 8:12AM

I am a Fascist/ radical right. However, I am not right-winged at all, and are more centrist than anything. I was pegged to the three left ideologies as next-closest, then conservative at 28%, then Libertarian at 0%.

TMZ2 said:
Mar 3 '13, 3:19PM

This quiz pegged me to be conservative, which I am. But I have a independent streak as well. And support not only the constitution, but the commandments as well.

Therefore, I consider myself a conservative with a independent free thinking streak. As such I want to say that on some issues I maybe more independent to libertarian than I take credit for. However, unlike the World's Smallest Political Quiz this one is much better at asking questions.

anarchofascist said:
Feb 22 '13, 2:11AM

communist/radical left. finally, a quiz that gets it right! a lot of others don't account for radical opinions like mine.

thejimma said:
Oct 12 '12, 12:12AM

I can I just go on a tyrant.... man watching the debate now going to do this long it's 9:35PM right now going to talk more while think how to say this... ok Obama care Isn't Federal care it's insurance over care, it's still competition but they get more customers but it's grantee care 9:40PM... O like vouches would 9:43PM... so now Im going to be 45 y/o in November if I save 4000.oo a year for 15 years I'll only have 60,000 at 60y/o what should I do I may not even have a job for the next 15 years I work for a small company the owners would be 75y/o they will have enough to retire at some point & make my job obsolete 9:47PM... Romany & Ryan scare me 9:48PM... I not even in the middle... but I aint broke I can save 4k a year 9:49PM... Republicans have no plan their plan was if Obama subjects it it's not good even if it's Republican idea 9:51PM... Man a governor Mitt Romney not the same as president especially when if it's your idea last we voter no 9:54PM...man when you have less money you spend less on big things not just basics 9:56PM... man once again on health care make Senator & House deal with insurance companies 10:00PM... there is no more Russia 10:12PM Man now they on faith you want everyone to survive but not let them live in prophesity how can life be kewl under poverty I know some can surpass but most dont 10:18PM I could have been a great man if I had been born under Ryans family but still exist but cause I only make 28k a year I shout pay more than Mitt Romney 10:23PM Hope & change wont happen if you say no to all time just because president Obama suggested it 10:25PM Wall Street is up 10:26PM O & in 50s not the best civil time but no one wanted to make more cause youll just get taxed for it so just be less money so no gold bat tubes 10:29PM kewl even shot like that idea even like if I decide not that I would get married to gay man that just makes things good without lawyer to get those rig

mikestrong19 said:
Sep 16 '12, 10:46PM

@Sean Kulm From what you say, it sounds like you are a hardline libertarian bordering on anarchism (on personal freedoms). You only gave positions on personal freedom/social freedom, so I can't diagnose your economic views.

Shawn Kulm said:
Sep 6 '12, 7:04AM

I always thought i was a anarchist known as an ochlarchist. I want to decide what i say, do, act like. Not let the pigs tell me what i can or can not do. I want to be considered a human being in complete authority of only myself. And no other human being on this earth can rule or enforce or act authoritive against my body and soul. Only i have the right to do all that to myself only. Not external forces.

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