What is your political ideology?

The following is a detailed quiz which will determine which of the major political ideologies you identify most with. Answer all the questions honestly, you may be very surprised by your results.

What is your political ideology? Are you liberal, conservative, or libertarian? Or do you subscribe to an ideology most Americans have never heard of? Maybe you have an inner Communist or Fascist. Take the following test to find out!

Created by: JMW
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Generally speaking, you believe people are:
Inherently good
Inherently evil
Not smart enough to take care of themselves
In need of strong leaders and authorty
In need of intellectuals to bring them to full conciousness
In need of means for economic betterment
4. What are your thoughts on taxes?
Elinimate tax cuts for high earners, provide tax cuts for the middle class
Instate a steeper progressive tax system to ensure social equality
Raise tax levels to the 100% range and redistribute property even among the citizens
Eliminate progressive tax, make a flat tax for all citizens, and give tax incentives to businesses
Eliminate income tax, rely on sales taxes from the market to increase revenue
5. What are your thoughts on Global Warming?
Doesn't exist
It exists, but human civilisation has little or no effect on it. It is a cyclical function, so there is no sense in hurting economic growth to try and stop something we didn't create.
It is a mark of the irresponsibility of industrial civilisation, which is why we must take meaures to reduce Co2 emissions NOW.
A mark of the harm capitalism inflicts on humanity. It is a sure sign that the only way our planet can ever fair, to people and to nature, if capitalism was abolished
Global warming is a problem that should dealt with through private organisations dedicated to developing alternative fuels and such. We should leave the state out of this.
Global warming is a lie perpetrated by the enemies of the United States in order to undermine US dominance in the world. We can only stop this by sheer force.
6. Of the political historical figures listed below, who do you most identify with?
Ronald Reagan
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Olof Palme
Karl Marx
Benito Mousolini
Ludwig Von Mises
7. A recent study revealed that the United States is the only First World country which as a whole, still holds a hostile attitude towards Evolution. Why is this the case?
Because the United States, remains, the only Western nation that is fighting to preserve traditional morals, which is undermined by evolution. The people of Europe & Canada have been brainwashed by secular socialists.
Because the United States remains today, the only Western country that as a whole, hold an anti-scientific/intellectual attitude. The people of America have been indoctrinated by old-fashioned religious authorities.
This is no surpise. The United States, being the most capitalistic country in the West, is also has a society which is unlikely to view things analytically. This pereserves the position of powerful capitalists in the market.
Because the people of America have been collectively lead to make subconcious decisions by our media and government. We must let everyone make up their own minds, independent of any large entity.
8. What are your thoughts on the the healthcare system?
Healthcare prices in the United States have gotten too far out of hand. We must legislate various regulation to curb prices on medicine.
Healthcare in the United States has become too problematic as a private entity. It is time we turn it over to the state like in Sweden or Norway, to enrue all citizens have access to the care they need.
"Universal healthcare" is just a propaganda term for socialised medicine. Don't let the American left fool you, in Norway and Sweden, access to healthcare is free, but second-rate. Just as Michael Savage said: "Everybody gets it but it's not that good..."
The American healthcare system is a stark example of what capitalism does to a society. The liberal view of universal healthcare is insufficient to help the problem, only a full change to socialism can do that.
9. Generally speaking, "proportional representation" in a legislature is the most fair, as it ensures all groups are proportionally represented. How do you feel about this claim?
Agree because it helps small parties get some level of say in a democratic government.
Disagree because it can give leverage to small extremist parties.
Agree because it gives better voter security to the poor and minority groups
Disagree, because full democracy leaves danger for a "tyranny of the majority" to arise
Agree, because it makes a one-party state nearly impossible
Disagree because it makes a one-party state nearly impossible
10. Of the choices below, what do you feel is the most effective protector of freedom?
A free market economy with no monopolies
The socialisation of essential utilities
The regulation of large businesses to ensure economic security
State control of most enterprises with an equal distribution of wealth
A capitalist society with a set of strong traditional morals. Each component will ensure a balance between the two.
Keeping potential radicals out of office to protect the citizens from revolution
11. In your view, "Freedom" pertains to (if you feel freedom pertains to all these things, pick what you think is most important):
The right of a citizen say what he/she wishes
The right of a citizen to practice the faith he/she chooses
The right of a citizen pursue economic prosperity
The right of a citizen to do what whatever he/she wants, as long as it does not hurt others
The right of a citizen to be free from economic opression
12. What is your view on affirmative action?
It is does more harm than good, because it teaches minorities to rely on their colour/ethnicity to gain a job/admission to college
It is good, because it gives historically disadvantaged groups the opportunity to better themselves socially and economically
It is harmful, because it causes people to see others in terms of groups rather than individuals
It is a lie of capitalist society to distract poor minorities from issues of economic oppression
It is a dangerous form of social engineering that will eventually incite a race/class war, paving the way to a Communist takeover
13. What is your view on citizen ownership of guns?
It is the only thing that is keeping the government from raiding all of our homes
The Second Amendment is largely open to interpretation, and is at best, a clause that no longer applies. Repeal it.
Keep the Second Amendment a part of the U.S. Constitution, but pass legislation to better regulate the sale of firearms to enure social safety.
The Second Amendment was a business-serving move that has led to the creation of an arms-industry that now cannot be stopped, as to do so, would be "unconstitutional"
Citizen ownership of guns is harmful because it contributes to rebellion against the state.
14. What is your view of the world?
Black and white, everyone is either good or bad.
Black and white with many shades of grey, most people are not good or bad.
There is no good or bad, outside of human construction.
15. How do you feel about States Rights?
Agree with it because it ensures the survival of democracy
Agree with it, but some Fereral Rights must supersede states rights to ensure equality
States rights should be protected at all costs, even at the expense of certain individuals/groups. This is the only way liberty can survive
States rights does more harm than good as it serves as a hinderence to national solidarity
States rights is an abstract, therefore irrelelevant concept. Borders are arbitrarily created for the protection of private property, and mean nothing beyond human conctruction
16. In your view, what is the most important principle is a society?
17. ...And of these principles?
National sovereignty
18. In your opinion, nationalism is...
Good, but should not get in the way of rational diplomacy
Not so good, because it causes people to resort to discrimination and disregard humanism
An invention designed to protect capitalism, therefore people will never be free until it is abolished
The most important thing a nation could value
Something that should be left to the individual to decide
19. In your opinion, war is....
Necessary to protect freedom
At times necessary, but a travesty if used in any other situation
Never the answer
An economic phenomenon/struggle for resources
The only way
An administrative phenomenon/struggle for power
20. What is your general opinion on the government?
Too big, gives the citizens too much
Too small, gives the citizens too little
Too big, is too intrusive as a result
Too small, can't manage the population
Would not be needed if a full transition to socialism is achieved
21. What should be more highly prioritised in society?
Law enforcement, national defense, intelligence
Healthcare, social programs, roads, schools
22. Are you registered to vote?
23. Ultimately, you feel the most important aspect of freedom is:
"The freedom to"
"The freedom from"

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