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vampiresmymuse said:
Apr 20 '12, 11:09PM

I got70%doctor!really bad choice dude!I may be smart but very easily distracted!

The dancer said:
Feb 29 '12, 11:37PM

Yay!!!! I got what I wanted actor but where's the dance!?!?!?!? Um hello!! I live 4 dance!!!

DarthVader said:
Sep 20 '11, 5:13PM

professional sports player?! are you kidding me? i can't play sports to save my life! i want to work with people and help them!!!! none of these career quizzes have any options that i would choose, either in the questions or the results.

SayyWhatsUrName said:
Feb 25 '11, 7:17PM

Hey I don't DO NO sports o-tay I am a skinny gurl that iis NO GOOD at ANY sport U hear me Person!!!!!!!yeah.. ..Timmy u better run!!

2cool4life said:
Feb 20 '11, 5:05PM

i don't do sports, but change is good.....sometimes

Appayipyip42 said:
Sep 22 '10, 6:04PM

An actor, artist, or singer? OH. NO. NEVER.

sweatpea206 said:
Sep 21 '10, 6:12PM

no actually im not at all a sports fan

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