What is Your Natural Collection Style?

Almost everyone has a collection, whether they realize it or not. What are you hoarding? More importantly, why? And what does it say about you? Take this quiz to find out what your collections say about you.

Uncover what your things say about the kind of person you are - committed, passionate, cautious, casual, or, um, unique. Never thought that your things were that important? You'll be surprised!

Created by: Jada
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3. It's all over the media. Widgets are all the rage this season. You're kind of interested. You...
Hop right on the bandwagon. There's a reason these things are so popular!
Stay as far away as possible. You wouldn't dare buy something because of media hype.
Carefully research widgets before making your decision. Today's trend could be tomorrow's goldmine.
Vow to buy these and keep them in your collection forever. You're loyal.
Can't decide. If the mood strikes, you may buy one or two.
4. You inherit an unsightly antique chair from a relative. You...
Keep it anyway. Even if it turns out having no value, it has sentimental meaning.
Get it appraised. If the price is right, you may part with it or let the value appreciate more.
Feature it in your next garage sale. There's no way that chair is going to live in your den.
Put it in the attic. It doesn't match your post-modern motif.
Only display it if it goes with your current collection.
Keep it because it says "you."
5. Before you start collecting something, you...
Research it. Am I making a wise investment?
Usually don't try to collect. People just start giving you stuff.
Wonder how long it's going to stay popular.
Try to decide if it fits your personality.
Make a commitment to collecting it forever.
6. If you could only collect one of the six types of items below, which would you choose?
Art - it can only appreciate.
Antiques - you can keep these in the family forever.
CDs - what else could be so tailored to your tastes?
Retro furniture - it's all the rage right now.
Souvenirs - they're so easy to pick up along the way.
7. How far would you go to find that missing piece in your collection?
Not far at all. It's not worth the effort.
I would go across the country looking for it.
I would go as far as I needed to if it meant returns on my investment.
If it were online, I'd buy it. If not, it's probably not popular anyway.
I'd put some effort into it if it screamed "me."
8. I would describe what I collect as...
Reflective of my personality.
Hip and in high demand.
Timeless and priceless.
9. If I were to advise my loved ones on what to collect, I'd tell them...
Collect what makes you happy. Take nothing else into consideration.
Study before you jump into it. Collections aren't just things. They're investments.
Grab what's hot. Competition is key!
Collect if you feel like it. It's not a big deal.
Make sure you love it and keep it around for a lifetime.
10. You must leave your home with only one thing, never to return. You choose a collection piece. Why?
I can exchange it for cash.
It reminds me of my past and my life.
I just bought it!
I said I would always keep it, and I stick to my promises.
It was the closest thing around.
11. You organize your collections (on spreadsheets, online, etc) because...
Knowledge equals value.
Organize? My collection isn't THAT important.
To keep up with what I've accrued through the years.
I cycle through collections so much, I need to keep track.
It's like a diary - only instead of words, I use things.
12. How extensive are your collections?
I have one collection and it is very valuable.
I have one collection and it has a lot of things in it.
I have several collections - shows the signs of the times!
I collect various things based on feelings at the time.
I have a couple of collections, but there aren't a lot of things in them.

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