What is Your IQ Score?

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Vaders said:
Jan 30 '16, 7:13PM

Your Result: Your IQ is 115-129 (above average!)



Guy02 said:
Feb 21 '15, 11:15PM

I got 130 but in real life it's 159 I guess the creator of this quizzes iq must be low

Firestar3208 said:
Sep 19 '14, 10:29PM

Same as apersonisalive. My real life IQ is 158 but I got average. lol. Probably because the average creator of this quiz couldn't figure out his own average questions. lol.

Apersonisalive said:
Jun 8 '14, 11:20AM

Lol... I'm average. In real life I have a 155 IQ. Awesome quiz XD

Queen Elsa said:
Mar 3 '14, 9:50PM

Your Result: Your IQ is at least 130! (Gifted!)


AWESOME JOB! You have an IQ of at least 130, meaning that at the very least you are gifted, but you could have an IQ of up to 175 (extraordinary genius)! Great work! Please remember that this isn't an ACTUAL IQ test.

Yay! I'm gifted! Nice job with the quiz. I thought the questions were fun, even if some of the answers were obvious.

Asertosi said:
Feb 18 '14, 9:35PM

I got the right answers and it just said average.

Jenniferdu said:
Feb 7 '14, 6:58PM

YEEESSSSS!!!! 115-129

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