What is your Attractive Rating?

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Nevinrosario said:
Apr 18 '16, 1:36PM

Opps it was supposed to be I had a feeling

Nevinrosario said:
Apr 18 '16, 1:35PM

I got a 95% I h as day feeling it was going to be up in the 90s

fdfd said:
Oct 21 '15, 3:10PM

I got an 88 most be good lookin then

AliD said:
Aug 14 '15, 10:34PM

I got 86%.....on 8-10....that's fine with me! :3

justineling31 said:
Jul 7 '15, 11:13AM

wow!!!!!!!Im 12 years old and had 92 percent(notkidding) !!!!!!!I knew that I was atteractive because I spoke to 10 or more of mens and they call me (something imporpite)

Colvarp said:
Jun 8 '15, 9:24AM

92% 8-10 umm okay thanks

jjssaa900 said:
Jun 1 '15, 6:32PM

i am only in middle school.

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