What is your Attractive Rating?

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Nevinrosario said:
Apr 18 '16, 1:36PM

Opps it was supposed to be I had a feeling

Nevinrosario said:
Apr 18 '16, 1:35PM

I got a 95% I h as day feeling it was going to be up in the 90s

fdfd said:
Oct 21 '15, 3:10PM

I got an 88 most be good lookin then

AliD said:
Aug 14 '15, 10:34PM

I got 86%.....on 8-10....that's fine with me! :3

justineling31 said:
Jul 7 '15, 11:13AM

wow!!!!!!!Im 12 years old and had 92 percent(notkidding) !!!!!!!I knew that I was atteractive because I spoke to 10 or more of mens and they call me (something imporpite)

Colvarp said:
Jun 8 '15, 9:24AM

92% 8-10 umm okay thanks

jjssaa900 said:
Jun 1 '15, 6:32PM

i am only in middle school.

ravi ranjan said:
Jan 13 '15, 1:17PM

very good

lacy the great said:
Nov 15 '14, 1:27AM

91%?! I have been told I am extremely atractive.... I have carmel color hair paleish tan skin blueish greenish gray eyes mostly blue n green I am tall not chubby not skinny.... Idk now ugh.!

Devesh Kumar said:
Oct 12 '14, 2:57PM

I got 88% for my fit personality, I m smart but some time I become over smart.

Firestar3208 said:
Sep 18 '14, 10:15PM

92% 8-10. Wow.

Max1998 said:
Apr 16 '14, 6:20AM

I got 88% (8/10) Because I have a good face and am hot. I mean I agree but some of this stuff was unbelivably stupid.
(I'm a guy btw)

Aurora323 said:
Jan 18 '14, 6:41PM

i got a 90 because of my " GREAT PERSONALITY!" what a bunch of rubbish, i know i have a great personality. I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF I'M PRETTY! better off asking a strange homeless man on the street.... just because i don't remember how many boys this year said i was cute doesn't mean i'm ugly!!!! :( i need a corner to cry in >.> don't judge me its been a long year

Lyle said:
Jan 17 '14, 11:54PM

I'm 82% of hotness!! :)

nobodyuknow said:
Dec 8 '13, 7:19AM

It's supposed to be a test of attractiveness, but it has questions in it that are totally irrelevant to whether or not a person looks good. And that notion that the more attractive we are, the more often we have sex, that's just stupid. The writer of this quiz must be about 13 years old and brain damaged.

Regular_Catz said:
Jul 20 '13, 9:21AM

what?! u call me ghetto i am not a person from the slums but i do feel srry for them 0-o but yeah idk this quiz is bad... bleh

Yeahhh said:
Mar 29 '13, 1:27PM

uhmm, I find this offencive I didnt take it but my sister did and when it asked her is she was a virgin, and gave her a low rating she cried. I dont want this quiz to give the impression to have sex in order to be "hot". She gets more comments than anything. And anyway you dont need a quiz to tell you if youre hot or not. Youre all beautiful.

violin said:
Sep 19 '12, 11:19PM

This is terrible. I'm catholic too and this is hideous hideous hideous!

NachozVsCupcakes said:
Jul 12 '12, 8:00PM

This quiz is terrible. First of all, one question asked me if I was a virgin and I am pretty young to not be one, so I put no by age. That question to me was offensive, you shouldn't judge people by their beliefs. Second of all the lowest score you can get said all this barf. Last of all, you think the more you follow the popular people, the more attractive you are. That is wrong. Overall, this quiz was a ":(" in my quiz rating book.

cheerleadah said:
Jun 28 '12, 9:39PM

i agree with almost everyone here. sleeping with someone??? how does that affect it in any way?! and btw, i hav not yet had s3x since i am underage AND even if i were say, 20, if i was not married yet, i wont do s3x with them yet. im catholic, and thats what i believe in. this quiz was offensive to not only religious people, underage people, and less popular people, it is judging unfairly. anyone who agrees, mention my name!

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