What is your Attractive Rating?

Well this test is to designed to see just how "Attractive" or "Hot" (if you wanna call it that), you are. Maybe you're just unsure of how good looking you are and you need a good questionairre to help you out lol. So if you are curious, maybe this is the place for you.

Though even if it's not accurate or you don't agree to your results, it wouldn't hurt to at least generalize what area you're in just so you know where you're close to. But i'm sure you'll be satified with the result nontheless

Created by: Kevin
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How many people in real life would you say have called you "Hot" or "Cute" and i don't mean "Cute" as in that baby way. I mean in terms of attractiveness?
About 0-3 people
About 4-5 people
About 6-8 people
9+ people
4. In terms of the previous question, Would you say more people have called you "Hot"/"Cute" moreso online than offline?
I get more comments online than offline
I get more comments offline than online
It's about equal
I get no compliments, or none worth telling
5. How would you describe your "Body"?
Physically Fit, toned or muscular etc..
Scrawny/Skinny, no defined muscle, just healthy and fit
Kind of chubby or overweight, just medium.
Fat or obese
6. If you had to describe your attractiveness in comparison to a celebrity, you'd put your range in tune with....
Tobey Maguire/Kiersten Dunst
Orlando Bloom/Scarlett Johansson
Dan Byrd/America Ferrarra
Tom Green/Roseanne Barr
7. Have you ever had a g/f(b/f) before?
Yes, about 1-3 thus far
Yes, about 4-6 thus far
Yes, about 7+
No, but i know i can get one if i wanted to
No, never or i've failed in trying
8. The kind of Sports i like to play are...
Basketball/Football/Baseball/Hockey - all the main sports
Tennis/Badminton/Volleyball/Water Polo - all the lesser popular sports
I don't play Sports, but i like watching them or going to games
I don't play Sports, not heavy into athleticsm, i stay fit in other areas
I hate Sports and i've always hated them cause i suck at it
9. My idea of a good time is....
Hanging out with friends, going to parties, playing sports etc..
Going shopping, driving around, going on vacations, outdoorsy stuff etc..
Going to movies, conventions/events, loitering around places, skateboardering etc..
Playing video games, being on the computer, Be indoors either by myself or with friends etc..
10. How many people in real life have called you "Ugly" to your face?
About 0-2 people
About 3-5 people
About 6+ people
I've never been called ugly
I've never been called ugly, but i can tell when i'm being looked at disgustingly
11. How would you rate your popularity back in High School?
Low - i was with the losers
Minimal - i was with the cool/fun kids
High - i was with the popular kids
12. If you had to pick one part of your body that would be most commented with positive feedback by the guys/girls, it would be your...
13. What length is your hair?
Short and Straight/Curly/Spiked (Male) or Long and Straight/Curly (Female)
Long and Straight/Curly (Male) or Short and Straight/Curly (Female)
14. Do you have anything of the following on your face or body?
Pimples - Acne
15. Have you ever had any of the following criminal charges?
Drug Possession
Misdemeaner or Public nuisance or Assault
a couple or some or all of the above
16. Do you find smashing, destroying, burning things funny or fun?
Yes, i love to do it all the time
Yes, but i don't personally do it
No, it's stupid
17. What colour are your teeth?
White - Pure
Yellowish-White, not totally yellow or white
Yellow - Solid
Rotten black/yellow
18. Would you say you wear Deodarant and Cologne/Perfume?
Just Deodarant
Just Cologne/Perfume
Neither, i just shower/bathe
Neither, i don't bathe much
19. What type of clothes would you say you wear?
Sporty - Nike/Reebok/Adidas etc..
Brand Name - Abercrombie/Nautica/A&E/Polo etc..
Generic, no name brands
Expensive designer clothes
Cheap vintage types
20. Lastly, are you a virgin? If not, how many people have you shared sex with already?
No, i've done it with 1-3 people so far
No, i've done with 4+ people so far
Yes, but by choice or faith
Yes, but i'm still young or i will in due time
Yes..and i think i will be forever

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