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OuterSpaceCat said:
Sep 28 '15, 11:00AM

Your Result: Halloween

You are the more spooky, mysterious, or pessimistic type. You may love pranks, or you may just be a fun lover. Or maybe both. Either way, nothing stops you from putting on a weird costume and running around to people you don't know, asking for candy.

Uhmmmm, lol, no, not really. I'm anything but mysterious and pessimistic! Well, maybe the part about candy is kinda right...

graciebee said:
Aug 7 '15, 9:58PM

i was born on new years day and it says my holiday is new years

twam101 said:
Apr 9 '15, 8:07AM

I got 1 day after my b-day lol! New years day!

Faith A said:
Mar 20 '15, 9:54AM

Your Result: Christmas 89%
The world around you may be cold and unforgiving, but that doesn't stop you from putting a smile on your face. Quite opposite Halloween, you are an optimist who loves spreading joy to others and giving people things.

You're right! Christmas is my favorite! Here is my order from favorite to least favorite of the ones you listed:

Easter/Thanksgivin g(no order)
Independenc e day
Valentine's day
New Years day
Halloween(I don't even celebrate)

Dec 29 '14, 11:37AM

80% I got valentines day

paristchefor said:
Nov 11 '14, 7:33PM

I'm New Years Day. Yippee.

Wolfcat47 said:
Mar 6 '14, 12:51AM

New years :3

Just wondering, why didnt you put Chanukah on their. Just wondering

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