What haircut should I get? (girls only)

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CherryOnTheTop said:
Dec 23 '17, 3:09AM

So accurate!

Stardust1 said:
May 21 '17, 12:39PM

Good quiz! My answers sound like the kind of haircut I have now, so good job!

ScorpionKing said:
Oct 7 '16, 4:54PM

Sophisticated Oval. I can put my hair in any way, I prefer a pony tail(which I always have), because having my hair down can get in the way sometimes. Like my hair down, but, don't have the proper time to have it down. Besides, having a pony tail is both stylish and nice.

DancingMilk said:
May 30 '16, 2:26PM

I know these love and Friday and s--- comments are stupid but the only reason I sent them is to see if it works.That's the only reason these people will be sending them,right?

Mac1014 said:
Apr 2 '16, 10:31PM

Stop doing these post this on this many quizzes this will happen or you will die if u don't do this it scares people and it's stupid and it's not real and it's on every quizzes comments it takes up valuable room on the comments back me up .

Rosepelt 22 said:
Feb 28 '16, 11:48PM

What Ediwow said. I merely wanna see if this works. Friday here I come.

nikkie said:
Jan 3 '16, 10:06AM

Is this haircut match for me????????????

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