What haircut should I get? (girls only)

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Sunshine101 said:
Nov 12 '12, 9:22PM

It Said I Should Always Wear My Hair In A Ponytail, I Always Do Anyway :)

Chexxxxx said:
Aug 15 '12, 7:46AM

It gave me a hairstyle. :s
Also, the hairstyle I got was long.

hungergames633 said:
Aug 15 '12, 7:20AM

The hairstyles are all short! I have long hair and intend on keeping it long! All I wanted to know was the style that I should cut my hair. NOT MY HEAD SHAPE! I ALREADY KNOW THAT AND IT WAS PART OF THE STUPID QUIZ!!!!!!!!! DONT TAKE THIS QUIZ.

laurennn said:
Dec 2 '10, 6:42PM

i have hair now to my bum and i just cut it off at the top of my tight pony tail, thanks for the advice. x

rubyring123 said:
Aug 15 '10, 9:37PM

i rated... 1/10 GAYYYYY

MaggiErisian said:
Jun 21 '09, 3:06PM

I know, Girl12sigh! My result had a couple of suggestions for hairstyle, but nothing I haven't read before. That was not an accurate description written at the top of the quiz.

Girl12sigh said:
Jun 21 '09, 8:16AM

This quiz doesn't tell you what haircut you should get, it tells you your HEAD SHAPE! WTF!!!!!! DON'T RATE IT!

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