What Final Fantasy Character are You "Most" Like?

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Whatevergirl said:
Dec 1 '17, 9:41AM

Don't tell people what to do in the results, keep your dumb--- advice to yourself.

KhiraKhaos said:
Apr 5 '16, 5:44PM


cheese and toast said:
Oct 12 '14, 12:20AM

I selected female and i got squall wtf

TofzeWolf said:
Jul 29 '14, 1:17PM

I ended up being.. Rikku ? Wait, did I correctly tick "Male" ? Yes, I did.

"Hey, how do you fix that quiz, you big meanie !"

bluepotato1 said:
Dec 24 '13, 10:05PM

I got Sephiroth. For some reason I usually end up with the cool villains. Shadow, Sephiroth etc. The only time I didn't get a villain was when I got Zero from Megaman X.

mark 1 said:
Nov 18 '12, 5:58AM

Squall sweet

biodome said:
Sep 29 '12, 5:23AM

who the heck is SPorty?????

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