What fantasy creature would you be?

Alot of cultures in the past have made up many various fantasies. With these fantasies have come tons of different creatures... big foot, unicorns, dragons, ext. And all are great and wonderful works of our imagination.

However, none are in the following quiz. Instead, I have narrowed it down to just six creatures from my imagination. And these six odd creatures pretty well sum up the six different types of people out there.

Created by: dead punk
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you could visit any place on earth, where would you go?
Ireland, for the green beer.
Germany, for the sausge and sauerkraut.
Iceland, to be with the vikings.
China, mmmm.... cat burgers.
Japan, to see those hot geishas.
Africa, to help the poor in Darfur.
4. If you could do one of the following, which would you do?
Fly gracefully like a bird
Run as fast as cheetah
Swim like a seal
Work as hard as an ant
Kill as quickly as a shark
Sleep like a hibernating bear
5. Which do you see yourself as...
Kind and reliable
Beautiful and important
Fun and spontaneous
Dark and dreary
Deap and practical
Strong and determined
6. When dealing whith an annoying person in your life, what do you do?
Ignore them, you are more important anyway
Politely tell them to bug off
Give them the cold shoulder and hope they leave you alone
Tell them to get lost or else
Beat them to a pulp if they don't stop bothering you
Wait for the right moment, than bash their head in
7. If faced with a problem dealing with a good friend, do you?
Face the problem head on, if they are that good of a friend they will understand
Face the problem and hope the friend understands
Beat around the bush till your friend gets the picture
Shrug your shoulders and tell your friend whats the matter, if they don't like it you won't care
Wonder why you made friends with the person in the first place
Friends? Who needs friends?
8. You have work to do but you aren't sure if you want to do it, what do you do?
Nothing, your too pretty for work
What you feel like, then it is off to party
Pretend you like the job, that way somebody might want to do it for you
Work, you love to work
You do it even if you don't want to, work sucks... but you'll live
Roll over then go back to sleep... who needs work?
9. Somebody you don't know is out to kill you, what do you do?
Run and hide till the danger has passed
Tell as many people around you, maybe one of them can save you
Run and get your shield and sword, that jerk wont take you without a fight
Kill you? Who would want to kill you?
Kill you? People tell you they are going to everyday but your still alive and kicking
Just start killing anybody who even dares to come within ten feet of you... women, children, elderly... anybody
10. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?
Buy whatever you want, then save a little... very little
Spend some, save some
Save it all, you have to much work to do to waste time with stupid stuff like shopping
Buy some brandy and cigars... then use whats left to light those cigars
Roll over and go back to sleep
11. You finally get a day off from work, what do you do?
Be lazy and bum around the house
Find some work to do around the house
Crack open a beer and watch tv as a cigar dangles from your fingertips
Work? I had to go to work yesterday? I have a job?
12. You have just been voted into office as leader of the free world, what do you do first?
SHOPPING! going to need a new outfit to be so important
PARTY! you just beat Hillary out of office!
Find a nice room in the west wing and trash it
Get straight to work and don't stop for the next four years
Float by as head of state till the people vote you out, you didn't really deserve the office anyway
Rub the sleep from your eyes and get staight to work... finally your plot to take over the world can realized!

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