what do you really know about 9/11

This quiz is my small part in this truth movement. It's my effort first and foremost educate those who may not have full knowledge of the events surrounding 9/11. It's also to find out how many know what exactly did happen that day.

Please take a few minutes and take this quiz. The 9/11 tragedy IS the most important event of our lives thus far. Learn about what happened that day and help in the fight to prevent it from ever happening again. Thank you for your time. JDC

Created by: JaydaCee
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1. In what year did 9/11 occur?
2. 15 of the 19 hijackers were from which country?
Saudi Arabia
3. How many World Trade Center buildings were there?
4. Securacom ran security for the World Trade Center. Just prior to 9/11 who was one of their primaries in charge?
John O'Neill
Donald Rumsfeld
Marvin Bush
John Ashcroft
5. Prior to 9/11 how many steel structured buildings had collapsed due to fire?
6. WTC towers 1 and 2 were built to withstand how many Boeing 707 crashes each?
0 ( that would be impossible )
7. Who said they had never envisioned hijacked planes being crashed into buildings?
George W. Bush
Condi Rice
Donald Rumsfeld
all of the above
8. How many countries tried to warn U.S. intelligence of Bin Laden's terrorist plots prior to 9/11?
9. Bush received a memo two months prior to 9/11 which suggested that...
Al Qaeda plots attack with planes
Bin Laden plans attack on major US cities
Terrorist training in U.S. aviation schools.
all of the above
10. The CIA was running training drills the morning of 9/11. What training exercises did these simulations consist of?
Electronic blips on radar screens.
Planes flying into Govt. buildings.
Bio attacks on NY.
all of the above
11. "Put Options" are a bet that a stock will fall. Which stocks were 90 times above normal between Sept. 6 and Sept. 10, and 285 times higher than average on the Thursday before the attack.
Halliburton & GE
United & American Airlines
Gold & Silver
all of the above
12. Who received prior warnings not to fly that day?
John Ashcroft
San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown
The Joint Chiefs of Staff
all of the above
13. Who Was Not allowed to fly in the U.S. immediately after the 9/11 attacks?
The American People
George Bush
Relatives of Osama bin Laden
all of the above
14. Larry Silverstein was lease holder for the World Trade Center. When did he take out a 3.2 billion dollar insurance policy covering terrorist attacks?
May 2002
September 1991
July 2001
February 1993
15. On the PBS documentary "Rebuilding America" Larry Silverstein admitted...
9/11 was an inside job
they were holographic planes
he decided to "Pull" building 7
all of the above
16. How long after the attacks did the 9/11 Commission's investigation begin?
One week
One & 1/2 years
Three days
Six months
17. In the entire 571 page 9/11 Commission's Report, what is not mentioned...
The insider trading
Anything about the WTC7 collapse
Muhammad Atta's $100,000 wire on 9/11 from Pakistani President Ahmad Umar Sheikh.
all of the above
18. On 3/12/02 G.W. Bush responded to a question about Bin Laden's whereabouts by saying...
I'll tell you after I get back from my vacation with him & his family.
He hides in caves. We'll get him.
It's not that important. Not a priority.
We'll find him Dead or Alive!
19. What was done with the WTC steel?
Immediately shipped overseas & melted down.
It was completely vaporized by the space beams.
Reinforced for construction of the Freedom Tower.
Examined by physicists in an effort to find out how they collapsed.
20. Where was Osama Bin Laden the day before the attacks?
In Afghanistan's capitol city finalizing his attack plans
Nobody knows
Having lunch with G.W. Bush.
In a Pakistani hospital on dialysis
21. Just prior to 9/11 several known Al Qaeda members on terrorist watchlists were attempting to board planes to fly overseas to the U.S. when FBI officers...
asked how long they would stay and if they were visiting for business or pleasure.
told the airport officials to leave them alone and let them board the plane.
intercepted their efforts and interrogated them for days.
found boxcutters in their luggage and confiscated them.

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