What Clique are you as an adult?

This is a quiz formulated to identify what clique you are or will be in as an adult. (Not necessarily as a parent but as an adult). Don't be offended by the results. Learn about yourself based on real world experiences.

This goes along with my original quiz which is entitled What clique were you in High School. There will also be a third quiz for deciding what clique you are in for Moms and Dads. Thanks for taking the quiz.

Created by: Kristen
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. In a business meeting your boss takes credit for your work. You
Calmly pull them aside when the meeting is over and tell them the problem.
Never speak of it.
Stand up and humiliate them in front of everyone.
I would need to have a job for this to happen.
I get some of my friends to rough them up. They wont do it again.
4. Your child comes home from school crying because other kids made fun of him or her. You
Tell your child why bullying is wrong and explain how kids can be very cruel. Then, bring it up with the other childrens parents or a teacher.
Tell them you went through the same thing and never revisit the subject.
Tell your child they should be the one picking on other kids and encourage them to start teasing the other kids.
Tell your child to stop worrying so much. Everything works itself out in the end.
Call the other children�s mothers and scream at them about how bad their kids are.
5. One of your friends tells you how ridiculous your outfit looks at a bar. You
Make a joke and explain about your laundry situation.
Bow your head and apologize.
Insult them to the point that their face is red and their eyes are huge.
Laugh and keep drinking.
Tell your friend how horrible he or she looks and how fat they are getting.
6. Your psychiatrist asks you to describe yourself in one word. You say
7. You are lost in the middle of the mall. You
Politely ask someone walking by if they know how to get to the nearest department store.
Just keep walking until you see a You Are Here sign.
Ask someone and then call the mall when you get home and complain about their lack of signs.
Just keep walking in circles. You will see someone you know soon enough.
Complain loudly until someone points you in the direction you need.
8. Times are getting hard. You have to sell a few of your possessions. You refuse to give up
Just electronics and special things with sentimental values
My older things. I dont really mind if I get rid of everything.
Anything. It is all my stuff.
Everything I own that is illegal. That is my special stash!
My clothes or anything autographed from a concert.
9. My favorite genre of music is
I listen to all kinds of music
Oldies from High School times.
Pop and Hip Hop.
Heavy Metal and Punk.
Hip Hop or Rhythm and Blues or Rap.
10. Do you have any children?
11. Were you popular in High School?
12. What class would you say you are in?
Lower Class
Middle Class
Upper Middle Class
Upper Class

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