What clique are you actually in?

"A clique is basically a group of peope ,who,each individual owns a different personality than the other.In other ways,they are called a fraternity or a gang.Some might hate the other,some might love the other.Truth is,it depends on the type you blend in with."

"Wanted to know which clique you belong to?Sorority?Frats?Nerds?Hippies?Goths?Check out this quiz if you have been wondering which clique you actually belong to! Good Luck!"

Created by: AnonYmouS
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. 1. You are a person who loves...
Shopping! oh,and guys!
To hug trees and eat veggies.
Piercings and tatoos.
Sports and girls.
The computer,books and IQ.
4. 2.Where do you usually spend your time?
In the bar,the club,the gym...Anywhere I can meet girls!
I like to go into the forest.I like to find inner peace and have good karma.Mother Nature is my best friend.
Computer Lab,Science Lab,Library...Anywhere I can go to make my mind charged with information.
I'd rather spend my time in a tattoo parlour or maybe underground so that I can get away from the outside world.
Oh! You can just find me at the mall,shopping with my girlfriends,flirting with guys and you know,like,get our nails done or something..
5. 3.My most prized possession has to be...
My homework and computer!
Does tattoo count?
My pink mini skirt,earrings and hair!
Animals and a yellow Volkswagen van.
My abs,my looks and my abs.
6. 4.What movies are you into?
Science-Fiction like Star Wars and Star Trek.
Does ESPN or STAR SPORTS count?
I don't watch movies.
I like movies about Mother Nature.
7. 5.Do you like your opposite gender?
Not really
I don't know
Hell yeah!
Duh! I mean,who doesn't?
8. 6.My favourite colour has to be...
Black or anything dark.
Bright colours
Neon from the periodic table.
Earthy colours.
Standard colours.
9. 7.Do you like any physical activity like dancing or sports?
I'm not sure
10. 8.If you were stuck in a room with a boy/girl for 24 hours,what would you do?
I'd leave them alone
Talk about the world and how great it is
I'd take out a note and teach that person how to do Maths
I'd make out with him or her
11. 9.This time,imagine you are stuck in a room full of books,boys,girls,artwork and Marilyn Manson cds.Which do you pick to spend your hour?
Marilyn Manson cds
12. 10.Pick a quote (if not sure,pick the closest):
"Oh my god! That outfit is ,like, sooo cute!"
"Dude! That chick's fine man!"
"According to my calculations..."

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