Are you an adult?

Are you an adult? I mean a proper adult. Not some kid trapped in an adult body. Or are you a mature child that is way past their peers? Take this quick quiz to find out. What can it hurt? Adult or child? Who are you?

Warning, more than likely this quiz will offend some people. If it offends you, more than likely you won't score very well on it. If you actually care about the outcome of this quiz, more than likely you won't score well on it. If you love putting yourself in little labels, more than likely you won't do well on this quiz. If you are a touchy, feely kind of person, more than likely you won't do well on this quiz. If you feel you are in a minority in anyway, more than likely you will do very poorly on this quiz.

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. When you take one of these quizzes and are asked "...when you go to school" do you...
Continue b/c you are in school.
Continue and think back when you were in school.
Continue replacing "school" with "work".
Continue disregarding the question.
Hit the back browser button.
4. When asked for your favorite color do you...
grin seeing your favorite color is listed.
get upset that your color isn't there.
just pick a color.
try to figure out how this may influence your outcome.
5. If taking a popularity quiz, and the question asks if you are Emo, Punk, Hip/Hop, etc, do you...
Quickly mark your answer.
Think about it b/c you have friends in multiple categories.
Think it's the stupidest question thing ever.
6. Are you a single parent?
Yes, and I was very young when it happened.
No, I'm single and have no bastards.
No, I'm married.
7. If you answered yes to the last question, did you...
Find answering yes offensive?
Did you sulk a little knowing you messed up?
Screw you, I planned it.
Screw you, I planned it, and I do have a partner that isn't yet legal for me to marry in my state.
I was divorced you insensitive prick.
I'm a widow/widower, you puss bucket.
8. If you have children...
Do you feel motherhood/fatherhood should be celebrated?
Feel parenthood is a huge responsibility?
The hardest part is finding the right nanny.
I work two jobs and my kids come home to an empty house.
9. I feel a college education is...
The most important thing one can accomplish.
As long as you get the right degree, it's important.
There are many paths to an education, paying some establishment 10,000 dollars a year isn't the only way to go.
If it isn't Harvard, it isn't an education.
The standards have been lowered so far down, does it really matter?
10. What kind of clothes do you wear?
Collared shirt and nice pants.
Suit and Tie.
Uniform. (Military variety)
Jeans and T Shirt
Ghetto Fabulous
I'm a cowboy. I ain't goin no wheres wid out my hat an boots. My belt buckle is bigger than my head an I never even rode a horse.
11. Where do you buy your clothes?
Wal-Mart, Target, K Mart
JCPenneys and the like.
Gap, American Eagle, AC&F
Discount stores like Goodies
12. When politicians and activists say the phrase "What about the children?" Do you say to yourself...
"What about them? If my life gets better that means my kids' lives will be better."
Wow, they're right. I better start doing 'insert cause' so the children will have a better life."
"They must want money/votes."
"It's a conspiracy, call Alex Jones."
13. Is the glass....
Half Empty
Half Full
I better finish this up so I can get more.
Give me a top up.
Let me give this last bit a swallow so I can get out of here.
Heck with it, I gotta go.
14. Smokers...
are a ban to society. It should be illegal.
It's their lungs, not mine.
I'll just avoid their second hand smoke.
I'll yell and scream at them, maybe I can force my will on them. Think of the children.
I smoke, don't like it, go away.
I smoke, but I'll move away if it bothers others.
15. Guns....
Should be banned.
Need to be reigned in on and controlled.
It's my right. Try to take them, you'll see how I can use them.
Handguns are the bad ones.
I don't like them, but you can have them if you want. Not my cup of tea.
16. Do you classify yourself as a minority.
Heck yah. I'm a proud (insert gender and race.) You better recognize.
I'm me. I'm the only one like me. No one else is like me, and if they were, it'd be one boring world.
17. The environment is changing.
Yes, and it's all humanities fault. We need to start dying off pretty soon or the world is doomed.
Yes, it's just the cycle of the world. Nothing can be done about it.
It's not changing, and we don't need to change energy sources.
It's not changing, but I wouldn't mind a car I don't have to fill up ever again and runs for free forever after I bought it.
Yes, it's changing, it's humanity's fault, but we can change.
18. When I drive...
It's NASCAR buddy. I'm getting to the next light faster than you.
I drive the speed limit b/c it's the right thing to do.
I drive the speed limit b/c it's more of a relaxing drive.
Drive, I use public trasportation.
My mommy takes me to soccer practice.
I speed sometimes when I feel it's safe.
19. I prefer my children (or if I had children) to play soccer b/c....
it's safer for them.
both boys and girls can play on the same team.
They can play any sport they want, as long as it isn't soccer.
They can play any sport they want. As long as they are happy.
My kids aren't going outside, it's too dangerous.

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