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  • Artistic yup I'm arty

    Jenniferdu Jan 25 '14, 10:42AM
  • Your Result: Convivialist

    You are a people person! There are many careers that involve close interaction with others and require team work and leadership skills: -Politician -Nursing -Childcare -Sales -Educator

    chocolategross Aug 31 '13, 4:55AM
  • So off I am not sociable

    Kier218 Jun 5 '13, 1:11PM
  • ooo i like it ... xecttly

    tara2211 May 29 '13, 4:51AM
  • Does art have anything to do with pilots? I want to be a pilot but I got Artistic! XD

    EpicPanda727 May 26 '13, 10:37AM
  • I got artistic. DEFINITELY me!!!!

    kbay19 May 11 '13, 4:35PM
  • Technical? Suits me. I know you could not go right into subjects but I like astronomy and quantum mechanics. But out of the options you are spot on!

    squatter Apr 30 '13, 6:09AM

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