What career suits your interests?

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qwerty1 said:
May 28 '11, 11:49AM

I don't think that a quiz should decide what job you should have. I want to be a lawyer or an NCIS Field agent. Not an activist, according to your quiz!

Lufford said:
May 24 '11, 5:29PM

what iz a CONVALIST?

Shereen said:
May 8 '11, 9:27AM

EXTREMELY UNTRUE!? You are definitely a hands-on type of person! Active jobs like these may suit your personality: -Transportation -Physician -Construction -Mechanics

Defin etely not. And the film question wasnt fair since my favourite genre wasnt even there!

promoter said:
Apr 24 '11, 7:06PM

this is a acurrate quiz cuz i take alot of quizzes on future careers and i always get the same results!(: it also pursues all my interests! btw this site is the s---,AWESOME, really cool quizzes. i say every1 should keep checkin out this site, im like addicted!!!!

S542 said:
Apr 19 '11, 10:47PM

I got technical, but I'm more artistic. I see myself writing fantasy and sci-fi books or something

LeahM said:
Mar 17 '11, 1:34PM

Great, I got "Artistic" and within that I want to do writing and graphic design, too bad it said nothing about photography. Anyway, awesome quiz! Finally, someone who took the time to make a proper quiz with grammar,punctuation , questions etc. GREAT!!!

deathkit said:
Mar 12 '11, 10:52AM


Sims addict said:
Feb 18 '11, 4:50PM

Where i am it is actually 23:50!

Sims addict said:
Feb 18 '11, 4:48PM

I love creating art! I plan on composing book ond day. Watch out for MSZ, Swazi artist , thats me. I'll be famous!

PlanetDestroyer1 said:
Feb 18 '11, 2:43PM

Activist "You are definitely a hands-on type of person!" Interesting, nice quiz!

I like music said:
Feb 17 '11, 11:30PM

Artistic? WTF I wanted Convivialist. >:(

MonyP said:
Feb 17 '11, 5:57AM

Mkay. . .

Skydragon said:
Feb 17 '11, 5:51AM

Artistic, that’s correct. But I won’t use it for my career. Instead, I’ll start a businees. *already on my way*

Herwe123 said:
Feb 17 '11, 12:56AM

Activist, cool

MARKS--- 9.5/10

Musiclovaa said:
Feb 16 '11, 8:00PM

Artistic :)

DOMOisawesome said:
Feb 16 '11, 6:43PM

artistic! yes! i totally want to be a writer when i grow up. and form a band. and act.

Dark_Vampire101 said:
Feb 16 '11, 5:17PM

Artist. I.....don't think so.

Actress97 said:
Feb 16 '11, 3:40PM

writing, writing, wri- wri- writing!

Loverebeccah said:
Feb 16 '11, 11:51AM

artistic, cool, thats really good because i want to be an inteirior desighner so its nice knowing im best for it
awsome quiz.

E Lunatic said:
Jan 24 '11, 1:00PM

Out of the four possible answers for what type of music one likes, three of them are the same: nothing particular.

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