What career suits your interests?

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mahima_lovergurl said:
Nov 9 '14, 1:05PM

hahaha!! true but not true..
You are a people person! There are
many careers that involve close
interaction with others and require
team work and leadership skills: -
Politician -Nursing -Childcare -Sales -
. i want to be a lawyer protecting wildlife animals!!" "

Ilostmyshoe said:
Oct 14 '14, 2:29AM

Artistic. That's true. My teacher says I am the best writer and I love gaming. I am trying out guitar and clarinet this year. Also, I LOVE music. :)

Elliryanna said:
Oct 9 '14, 8:07PM

Technical! I'm great with math, but BAD with technology. Best answer for me for sure though.

Bipana stha said:
Sep 4 '14, 12:38PM

Good! Really this quiz makes easy to choose career,thanks

Alex Branch2 said:
Aug 24 '14, 10:57PM

I got convivilist but I gonna be a singer cause I'm in X Factor

Suzana said:
Aug 18 '14, 8:03AM

Mm....not true:(

grapegirl said:
Aug 4 '14, 4:14AM

i'm artistic, which suits me perfectly. Great quiz, liked it.

Hammerman said:
Jul 3 '14, 5:50AM

Well I got Convivilist, which isn't even a word apparently, I want to be a baker, and that requires strenuousness and good interactions with people, which is partly correct.

taliyah said:
Apr 18 '14, 10:30PM

Sorry, I rather be a lawyer, my lifetime dream!!

Elliryanna said:
Feb 9 '14, 10:19PM

Artistic, I do want to be an artist or writer as a side job, but I want to be an ambassador.

Jenniferdu said:
Jan 25 '14, 10:42AM

Artistic yup I'm arty

chocolategross said:
Aug 31 '13, 4:55AM

Your Result: Convivialist

You are a people person! There are many careers that involve close interaction with others and require team work and leadership skills: -Politician -Nursing -Childcare -Sales -Educator

Kier218 said:
Jun 5 '13, 1:11PM

So off I am not sociable

tara2211 said:
May 29 '13, 4:51AM

ooo i like it ... xecttly

EpicPanda727 said:
May 26 '13, 10:37AM

Does art have anything to do with pilots? I want to be a pilot but I got Artistic! XD

kbay19 said:
May 11 '13, 4:35PM

I got artistic. DEFINITELY me!!!!

squatter said:
Apr 30 '13, 6:09AM

Technical? Suits me. I know you could not go right into subjects but I like astronomy and quantum mechanics. But out of the options you are spot on!

rotflmaster said:
Apr 27 '13, 8:47PM

I got activist,

You're right i'm a very hands on person,

Good job.

Angel_ said:
Mar 13 '13, 11:32AM

I dont like art.....but making things,,,yes.

coco120 said:
Mar 9 '13, 12:21AM

I got the perfect answer! :)

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