What band should you listen to?

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Bastille said:
Nov 21 '16, 5:39PM

I got Nickelback, and scored lowest for Led Zeppelin, funnily enough since they are the only band I like given the options.

tinnelle said:
May 7 '16, 10:50PM

Metallica, this is my result and proud of it. This is my favorite band!

amazingness said:
Jun 29 '11, 9:39PM

Your Result: 50 cent
you like rythms and cool bass beats, but you don't really enjoy melodies. I don't know... maybe I'm just against rap music. But you like what you like, not my problem.

Metallica- If you didn't get this result, shame on
Led Zepplin
Philadelphia Orchestra

ehhh, accurate i guess :)

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