What Assassin's Creed player are you?

You play Assassin's Creed, but what type of player are you? What's your style, favorite weapon, what are skilled at? Are you skilled at all? Find out here!

Perhaps get your friends to take this quiz, see what score they achieve, have fun taking this quiz, I had fun creating it for you. Don't bother taking this quiz if you don't play Assassin's Creed, there would be no point.

Created by: Ollie
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2. What is your gender?
3. OK, first question. You see someone being pushed around by guards, what happens?
Charge in, and slice the guards down with my sword. I then wait there for any more guards to come and suspect me, then I chop them up too.
Lure the guards onto a rooftop and escape them by leaping around and climbing nearby buildings.
Nothing happens, I keep walking. I can't be bothered to help.
Thrust throwing knives secretly at the guards one by one, then if I run out of knives, I finish the last guy(s) off with my hidden blade. I find some scholars and sneak off, without a trace.
4. You see a man in the street who seems to be mentally damaged. He bashes you. What is your response?
I beat him with my fists until he hits the ground, and if any guards see, they can face my blade.
Blend immediately and walk off unnoticed.
Run away from him at top speed, and start leaping from building to building.
I just carry on walking, why should I waste my energy on him?
Watch him and laugh.
5. What genre (category) would you say Assassin's Creed should be in?
Hack 'n' slash. Sort of like Lord of the Rings video games.
Free roaming, and kind of similar to Prince of Persia.
Similar to Splinter Cell. A sneaky game.
Like a game where you have to kill people but you have to do it the quickest and less tiring way, otherwise it gets so boring and mentally tiring.
6. There are about 20 guards and 3 archers surrounding you, you are exposed and they begin to attack, you...
I run, grab ledges swing around and escape them.
To hell with them, use my blade skills and kill them all!
Run, being careful not to crash into anyone. Break the line of sight then jump into a pile of hay.
Ah God damn it, I just let them kill me, no point of wasting time, it's obvious I'll die anyway.
7. It is your mission to visit the city of Jerusalem, how do you go about it?
Ah, can't I just stay in Masyaf and walk around a bit?
I better follow the laws and go at a slow rate on my horse.
Top speed, kill any guards that chase my horse.
Top speed, ignore the guards that chase my horse.
Find a cool route that has loads of jumps over trees and lakes and stuff.
8. You're getting bored of Assassin's Creed's repetitive game-play. You...
Pickpocket a nearby thug and sneak off, I like being sneaky.
Kill someone.
Stand around until I decide to play another game.
Run around and do cool moves, jump around for a bit.
9. Leap of faith into a haystack?
No, I'll find a more spectacular way down.
Maybe, I'll just murder this guard first.
Nope. I'll switch off the console and lay around.
10. Do you like this quiz?
Not enough murdering options, I want more blood!
Not enough stealth assassinations.
Not enough cool jumps and stuff.
11. I can't think of another question...
Let me kill that thief, he said some insults to me.
I want to explore the city.
I'll just wait here.
Use scholars to get me out of the city.
That's because you're stupid.
12. I can't think of another question...
Let me kill that thief, he said some insults to me.
I want to explore the city.
I'll just wait here.
Use scholars to get me out of the city.
That's because you're stupid.

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