Vampire Or Lykon?

Vampires are a myth most people sy they are made up storys that people tell to scare others.Lykons are also said as a myth also made up to scare people. But If you ask the right people, the ones who believe they will tell you a whole diffrent story.

Are You one of the Believers are are you in fact an actual living myth? Are you truly a Lykon or Truly A Vampire? Only This Quiz will reveal to our mortal eyes the Truth. Are you what you fear the most? Are you VAMPIRE OR LYKON?

Created by: GothicMistress420

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. At night what do you do?
  2. do you like to.....?
  3. In your dreams do you...?
  4. Where Do you shop?
  5. Your Parents....?
  6. You feel your life is.....?
  7. your in the attic of your house what do you find?
  8. Your favorite clothing is?
  9. You Prefer movies that?
  10. Your Friends?

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