Are you a vamp?

So what is really a vampire ? A vampire is some1 who like to drink others or animals blood , but not all the time. This is how they get there enrgy. There are alot about vampires. why don't you look it up just simply type it vampire myths ect on google and it well tell you about them put not are all true .

Are you a vampire . If so good 4 u . But if your not don't be let down by this . Just be happy with yourself and who you are . Renember keep smileing

Created by: Bianca
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. witch would u choose sunlight or darkenss?
I like both !
4. Do you have really white skin ?
NO way !
Hell Yes !
Not really
A little
5. Do u burn easy in sunlight ?
Yep i sure do
not at all
A lil
6. Do you get really bad headaches when u see sunlight , Even when wearing sunglass's ? ... most cases to the point of a migraine .
Yes it hurts like hell ( all the time )
not at all
Yes but not when wearing sunglass's
7. What do u think of blood ? Do u like it ?
Eww i can't even look at it
Yummy ... I love it
it's ok i guess
No way !
8. Can u run really fast ?
Hell yh im really really fast ...
9. Can u hear really well ? ... even when ur friend is really far away and you can't see them ? Can you hear a whisper from across a room?
I think i can hear well
my hearing is bad
I can hear my friend from really far even if i can't see him/her
10. Is you'r bedroom the coldest and darkest room in the house?
11. (If)You Have really white skin ? And when u have blood you turn a pinky colour around the face ?
No !
I dont no ive never had blood be4.
Yes it happens alot !
12. Do you have extremely good vision in the dark ? For example ... some1 told u they can't see wat there doing and ur reading or something ?
Yes !
Na !
13. Do you rarely get sick, or when you get sick does your body recover quicker than most people?
I hardly eva get sick and my body recover's quick
I get sick alot :(
I dont get sick alot but when i do , my body takes a long time to recover.
I get sick alot but i recover quick
14. Do your heal quicker then most people do ?
15. Are you extremely energetic at night time ? But during the day u feel sleepy
Yep i love staying awak at night
i go out party during the night time's
I hate the night time for bed
na im only energetic during the morning
16. Is there a dark colored ring around the the iris (color part) of you'r eyes?
A lil
17. Do electrical appliances generally tend to go off or play up around you? for example watches stop often, computers malfunction for no reason, microwaves start up by themselves...
Yer i dont no why
never had that
18. do your dreams tend to have deja vu in ? (Deja vu means i think its happened be4)

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