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  • I am 100% on the past few quizzes ive taken

    kornloves22 Jul 29 '15, 1:58PM
  • Cool I am a vampier. If you look in the box above the quiz it has vampier dating i wonder???

    shadow wolf 195 Jul 11 '12, 11:25PM
  • i am a vampire well im 95% vamp!!! I STILL VAMPIRE!

    wolfgirl1920 Jul 8 '12, 3:45AM
  • 51%...More like 86%. One time I started thinking about blood and my mouth watered. lol. Btw, vampyres DO NOT burn up in the sunlight OR bite peoples necks. They get the blood from blood banks. Don't ask how they get it or how i know. :)* *

    lilfallenangel Jun 25 '12, 8:25AM
  • hmmmm well this explains a lot....

    ashes Jun 6 '12, 2:51AM
  • 25% WHOOT WHOOT!

    weirdflower Dec 30 '11, 11:14PM
  • 96%... Damn it all! Well no matter how many times I tell myself I'm not a Vampire and no matter how many times my friends tell me I'm not I am. Tests don't lie, I think and besides my family is like weird sometimes. It's damn near impossible to scare my mom and always say that she's "going out" more like feeding on somebody. It's no wonder she's not as nearly as pale as me. :[ It's official. My mom, my brother, and my sister are Vampire

    miss vamiper Dec 3 '11, 2:22PM

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