Ultimate Zombie Survival Quiz

Zombies. They'll ravage the countries one by one... and do you have what it takes to make it through the outbreak? Do you know how to kill them, where do go, and what to use? Only time- and this test- will tell.

Only the most elite will know how to make it through a zombie infection. Do you have the abilities and knowledge to blast and slash your way through their hordes and make it past to survival? Find out by taking the Ultimate Zombie Survival Quiz!

Created by: Zombie
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You hear the radio broadcast that an airborne virus is spreading throughout your area. You have ten minutes to evacuate- what three items do you grab?
Flashlight, backpack, Swiss Army knife
Canned food, bottled water, first aid kit
Backpack, canned food, knife
Blanket, money, map
4. How many family members do you have living with you?
5. What is the average age of your household?
Under 18
6. You have four neighbors/families who need to travel with you, but your vehicle can only fit one of them. Who do you choose? Each has advantages and disadvantages.
Neighbor 1: Fit, 23-year old female and her immobile 79-year-old grandmother
Neighbor 2: Family of 5, aged 40, 39, 8, 6, and 3- one has ADHD
Neighbor 3: Single male, age 59, and brother, 55
Neighbor 4: Young couple, 30 and 28- they do not speak English
7. Your first night of travel lands you in a small part of the city. Which of the nearby locations do you spend the night?
Bread factory
Office building
Storage lot
Old house
Grocery store
8. When you and your partner enter your location, you see about a dozen zombies lurking in your path. What do you do?
Rush at them with the sharp scrap metal you found
Examine them closely- you might be able to find a cure
Walk the path normally without disturbing them
Take an extra hour to get your group over the building where you saw them
9. Driving down the road, you see five travelers slowly making their way through the city. You have room for one more- who do you take with you?
A recent war veteran
A tough-looking mechanic
A learned schoolteacher
An energetic college student
A pregnant nurse
10. Luckily, you find a parking lot filled with vehicles. Which one do you take for the rest of your journey?
A group of motorcycles
A bright red SUV
Two 2010 Corvettes
A few '98 Honda Civics
11. Under the seat of a vehicle you picked, you find over a pound of marijuana. What do you do with it?
Nothing. Continue driving.
Sell it. You need the money.
Take a 45-minute detour from your destination to turn it into the police.
12. You find a hunting store. Each member of your party picks a weapon- what do you pick up?
A short machete
A new shotgun
A compound bow
A displayed 'Machine Pistol'
Nothing. You don't need extra weight.
13. Which of these are you most trained in?
Medical care
Firearms operation
Vehicle operation
Physical fitness
I'm not really specifically trained in anything.
14. Blast! Those two zombies just saw you scouting. All you have is an unloaded shotgun!
Run! You can probably go faster.
Swing! A good gun-butt in the head will put them out for a while.
Punch! That shotgun is no good unloaded, and you're quicker with your hands anyway.
I don't know...
15. Supposing you've never seen a zombie before... what are they like?
Slow, dumb brutes. Awfully hard to kill- go for the head!
Fast-moving, wall-scaling spiderish infected people. How creepy.
Does it matter what they're like? I'll just kill 'em anyway!!
Zombies aren't real.
16. Good gravy, there's a horde of zombies, and they've surrounded you. How are you going to do some mass damage?
Take advantage of your vehicle and drive through 'em all.
One word: grenades.
Well, it's the end... take out your melee weapons and have at 'em one last time.
Try to kill them with guns before they reach your group.
Don't fight, there's too many. Scale the nearest building.
17. You've been infected... in your last hours, what will you do?
Kill yourself... you can't go against your friends now.
Obliterate as many zombies as you can before you go.
Say goodbye to your buddies, give your farewell hugs, and find a corner to sit in. It's over.
Chain yourself to a pole. If you must be one of them, at least you won't do damage.
Take your group and search out a cure.
18. The pregnant woman you saw earlier has become infected, but her baby is somehow not yet infected. What do you do?
Leave her... you can't save her now, and it's too risky to try to deliver the baby.
Try to kill her and quickly force a 1-month premature birth.
Tie her down and try to deliver the baby- it wouldn't be right to kill the mother.
I don't know...
19. You finally reach your third cousin's airstrip, and he's able to take you somewhere- but where?
A small, infected island. If you can kill all the inhabitants, you'll be safe.
A military base. The zombies can't beat you there.
Open country- not only is it hard to find, but you can pick off the infected a mile away.
Mountains. Height advantage is perfect for setting up traps.

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