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emmi1122 said:
Apr 15 '14, 9:44PM

woo! I rock and im only 13:)

rockarolla said:
Jun 29 '12, 12:56AM

Btw , u would seem smarter if u used some unknown bands like laaz rockit. Peolpe who know just well known songs and bands are posers

rockarolla said:
Jun 29 '12, 12:52AM

Yay, that was sooooo easy. I got 100%. And, I knew answers to these since I was 5. Rolla 4ever!!!,

LetThereBeRock said:
Jan 12 '12, 2:08PM

I rock :D

asamona said:
Oct 29 '11, 4:04AM

i aced it man and im twelve years old it was easy

katy23 said:
Jul 28 '11, 2:23PM

actually i took it again and it said i rock this time...and i picked the same answers as last time, but it said i suck...

katy23 said:
Jul 28 '11, 2:16PM

u know what... F this quiz, it sucked, i know my sh-t

AstroZombie said:
Apr 29 '09, 3:58PM

ya this quiz sucks!! if you know anything about 80's music you should have put some Iron Maiden or the Misfits in there.

DoYouWantAnOod said:
Mar 24 '09, 1:24AM

umm... Lynyrd Skynyrd weren't 80s. Their lead singer and one of their guitarists, as well as a backing singer and their manager, all died in the plane crash of '77. While the band did reunite in late 1987, they never released any groundbreaking songs in the 80s. Actually, the most famous song of the pre-crash line-up was released in 2003, and isn't even that well known.

intheknow said:
Jul 22 '08, 6:11PM

The author has no idea about 80ies...

StingFan said:
Apr 28 '08, 9:02PM

RL4Ever is absolutely right and I was only born in 92! Actually, a lot of music that was valued was a lot of Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, things like that. However, I nonetheless prefer the metal scene (although I enjoy a lot of new wave actually!)

RL4ever said:
Feb 23 '08, 7:18PM

Gotta wonder if the individual who wrote this test was even alive in the 80's. I was, I remember that decade well, and this test has little to nothing to do with the real music of the era. Guns and Roses, etc, was never taken seriously by real music lovers, in the 80's or any other time, and Skynrd was a 70's phenomenon. If you're going to write a quiz, I'd recommend picking a subject you actually know something about.

chris_h said:
Feb 6 '08, 9:00PM

Skynyrd and Sabbath aren't eighties. Yes, Sabbath released stuff in the eighties, but not Paranoid. There was some other stuff on it that I had problems with, but I don't remember what. I don't really like this quiz, regardless of my %100.

syko_bytch said:
Dec 31 '07, 1:32PM

Ummm... Call me crazy, but doesn't Skynyrd fall into the 70's genre? I mean, They lost their lead singer and one of their guitarists in 1977...
And since Black Sabbath has been around since the 60's and didn't really convert into the pure 80's sound, I find it very sad that they've been tossed into a genre-by-decade quiz.
Also: It is VERY disrespectful to spell Slash without the capital letter. The man is an idol! He deserves at least a little respect!
You got it wrong too, Andipants, and I'm holding their Greatest Hits album in my hands right now, so don't bother cussing me out.

Andipants26 said:
Dec 9 '07, 2:48AM

I scored well, but I'm rather dubious as to the "expertise" of one who can't even spell Lynrd Skynrd correctly. :\

kidevil said:
Dec 2 '07, 12:51AM

Your a Moron who doesnt know the music of the 80's.
I will make a better quiz than yours that is actuall y accurate.

dolphin07 said:
Nov 27 '07, 1:01AM

I Rock! Yay! Rock Rocks!

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