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  • woo! I rock and im only 13:)

    emmi1122 Apr 15 '14, 9:44PM
  • Btw , u would seem smarter if u used some unknown bands like laaz rockit. Peolpe who know just well known songs and bands are posers

    rockarolla Jun 29 '12, 12:56AM
  • Yay, that was sooooo easy. I got 100%. And, I knew answers to these since I was 5. Rolla 4ever!!!,

    rockarolla Jun 29 '12, 12:52AM
  • I rock :D

    LetThereBeRock Jan 12 '12, 2:08PM
  • i aced it man and im twelve years old it was easy

    asamona Oct 29 '11, 4:04AM
  • actually i took it again and it said i rock this time...and i picked the same answers as last time, but it said i suck...

    katy23 Jul 28 '11, 2:23PM
  • u know what... F this quiz, it sucked, i know my sh-t

    katy23 Jul 28 '11, 2:16PM

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