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Total Ponage said:
Dec 8 '12, 8:37PM

Mitt Romney was my result. That was probably most like me, but enviromentalism is stupid. Democrats are idiots. Disarming innocent people does not protect innocent people. And I am NOT racist. Obama is a socialist, and socialism ruins economies like what happened to us. If you got a democrat, that is a bad thing.

acharles said:
Oct 5 '08, 6:50PM

Unfortunately you only included D and R primary candidates, so that it is now obsolete. If you include all of the candidates who are on the November ballot in most states it would be very useful tool. See http://www.votesmar t.org/election_pres ident.php
for more info.

Gumball said:
Aug 2 '08, 6:57PM

Great quiz with realy accurate results. I don't live in the US but I kinda follow the politics...

magnanimousjoe said:
Jul 20 '08, 7:13PM

AL GORE IN 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

p.s. Obama should convince his mom to convert to Buddhism, then she'd me Lama Momma Obama.

RobertL said:
Jun 6 '08, 8:22AM

Hillary Clinton!!!! Oh Yea!! Perfect match! Exactly who I'm supporting.

tongue said:
May 26 '08, 11:57PM

is the quiz flawed or are you supporting the wrong candidate?

N S said:
Apr 24 '08, 9:58AM

I got Obama, but I support McCain.
This quiz is flawed.

Rangerfan said:
Mar 29 '08, 12:14PM

Obama is da bomb!

_Tori_ said:
Mar 17 '08, 12:18AM

I definately like this quiz. I agree with the canidate it choose for me almost 100%. GO OBAMA!

Cheyenne said:
Feb 13 '08, 10:44AM

I got hillary and this uterly suck, Ruined my day. I dont like hillary Cliton and i dont know why this pole would give me her. She sucksss. This quiz is riggied!!!!
<33 Obamamas loverrrr.

bridgetk said:
Jan 11 '08, 1:10AM

I am sure this quiz, like the New Hampshire results are flawed and possibly skewed but I managed to get Ron Paul first off so it worked for me. Several other quizzes gave much worse results, several leaning towards the Democrats. I do think this quiz is a bit more user friendly than the others I have taken. Go Ron Paul! :)

Democratic said:
Nov 26 '07, 6:58PM

The Quiz is flawed for the Democratic candidates:

Edwards, Clinton, Richardson, and Biden

After changing many combinations to indicate which candidate would be the likely choice I would consider, only Barack Obama and Kununich were offered.

Therefore, the results are being skewed.

Ghost of Fred Thompson said:
Nov 23 '07, 3:21PM

Fred Thompson

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