Tokyo Mew Mew - Which Mew Mew are you? (traditional)

The Tokyo Mew Mew are five Japanese girls who are infused with the DNA of endangered animals. With this quiz, you can tell which Mew you are by answering simple questions that relate to your personality.

Are you the leader of the pack? Maybe you're the sassy, sarcastic one? Or the shy, loving girl? The energetic kid of the five, are you a livewire like she is? Or are you mysterious and aloof?

Created by: Here's Looking of MewMewHelp
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1. What is your age?
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3. You are in a Textiles lesson at school. Are you good at this subject?
Well, I'll definitely have a go.
I've never had to go near a sewing machine before, so I'm not really brilliant.
Yes, I like to create and make stuffed toys to sell.
Yes, I have to repair my siblings' clothes if they ever get torn.
I enjoy fashion, and as I live alone I need to know a trick or two with a needle n' thread. I'm not bad.
4. So, after that lesson, you walk to your job at the cafe. You come across a young girl, who runs to you in tears. An alien boy with green hair tried to steal something from her! What do you do?
I dash to this alien and proceed to scream at him to quit bullying her.
Dignified, I comfort this girl, then grab hold of a magical pendant.
I try to reason with this boy first, but when he scoffs at me I turn into a magical girl in a flash.
I use my agility to confuse the boy first, own his ass, then give the girl a candy drop to comfort her.
I've met this girl before, she's a fan of my work. I yank this boy from the air, and break his jaw in two.
5. After this issue is dealt with and you take the child home, your boss runs up to you and bends your ear over the fact that you are late. What do you do?
I huff at him. I was helping a little child!
I irritably inform him of the situation.
I immediately break down and apologise a hundred times. I kinda like my boss, so I don't want to upset him.
I rub my toe into the ground and apologise uneasily.
I calmly tell him what has happened, and silently get to my work.
6. At the cafe, most of your time is spent doing ...
Generally doing anything that needs doing.
Supervising the others.
Carrying the crockery ... and breaking it.
Entertaining the customers!
I'll do whatever is asked of me, but I'm not too social with the customers.
7. You lean back against the wall and dream of a future. What's your dream?
I'm quite taken with the idea of being famous.
I want to marry someone rich and intelligent.
I'd like to design dolls, maybe run a shop selling flowers and jam. Something simple. ^^
I want to make people laugh! I'll be a slapstick comedian, or a gymnast.
I will continue life the way I have been living it ... but I'd like to make some more genuine friends.
8. Home time! You arrive through the front door and someone runs to you. Who would it be?
My father insisting to know if I've been with my boyfriend/girlfriend ...
Someone wanting to take my coat, and get me out of the cold.
My little brother wanting help with his homework.
My little brothers and sisters, they want to play!
My personal assistant - she's got another modelling job for me.
9. After eating dinner, you have to do your homework. What's your attitude to mandatory school work?
I leave it to the last minute.
I do it because I know I won't get away with it if I leave it. I have my own private tutor/am homeschooled.
It's best to do it when you get it right away. I don't want to get into trouble, and I like schoolwork.
It's something that has to be done, but other things come first.
I don't attend a school, but I show an interest in knowledge.
10. You and your team-mates agree to talk to your enemy in a civil fashion. Who are you most likely to speak to?
Kisshu - but if he tries anything, I will WIPE THE FLOOR WITH HIM.
Pai - he seems like he shares a similar attitude to me.
Pai - I can see he's a good person underneath, and we've kinda ... warmed up to each other.
Pai ... he seems the more mature man.
11. You notice your boss is attracted to your leader of your group. Your reaction is ... ?
Eh ... she kinda likes him back, but isn't there her boyfriend to think of?
I knew it. Fufufufu.
But ... I like my boss ... ;_;
WOW! I love it, they'd be awesome together!
I couldn't care less, it's not something I'm partial to noticing.
12. What are your language skills like?
I can speak English, my mother tongue, and that's it. I know odd words of another language, but I'm definitely not fluent.
I'm learning other languages via a private tutor.
Erm ... only English, but I'm receiving language lessons at school.
I come from a different country or a different culture, so English is not my mother tongue. I can speak English fluently too, though.
I can speak four languages or more.

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