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In light of the economic crisis that many people throught the world are going through. I've come up with a 10 question quizz about our finanical dilema as well as some quesitons about our society at large.

Everyone thinks their nation or group is so differnt from each other. However, if we are so differnt why so most countries treat women like object and why do most countrires poullute and disrespect the earth? Where is the differnace between cultures? Take this quiz to see how similr we all really are!

Created by: rob swann
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1. which system DOES NOT promote socioeconomic inequality?
none of the above
2. One of the results from the recent g20 conferance was to pump 1.1 trillion dollars into IMF (international monetary fund) However, wouldn't it just be better to...
give the money to all governments that need it
bypass the IMF and invest the money directly to education, infrustructre, employment
wait to raise more money
use the money to creater stronger regulatory bodies
3. What is the biggest biggest money making activity on the planet earth?
human traff---ing
all of the above
4. One global priority in the rich countries is ice cream In 1998 sales in ice cream in these countries totaled 11 billion dollars. How much would it cost to provide clean water and sanitation to ALL the poor nations
15 billion
6 billion
12 billion
5. do we have the technology and resources in 2009 to cover the the basic need and basic comforts of every individual on the planet earth?
yes we do
no we don't
maybe, I'm not sure
I don't know, I never thought about it before
6. We as human beings have always had some form of a "medium of exchange." In our history this medium of exchange has evovled from beed, barter, salt to coins, gold, paper money and now in digital form. If everyone decided to take out all of their money from their bank accounts would there be enough paper money to cover it?
I don't know, I never thought about it before
7. There is a world wide economic crisis. People are calling out for justice from global capitalism...a system that is INTRISICALY unjust. The sole purpose of global capitalism is profit so how can you have justice and decency in such a system?
you cannot
you can, but its not easy
8. Is there really an intention to imporve the human condition?
yes there is
no there isnt
9. Our education system is based competition, rote memory, and useless subject such as geometry. Do you feel that our education system promotes free thinking or just maintains you as a self appointed guardien of the status quo?
no it doesn't but I would never give my son a barbie to play with but I do allow my daughter to play football with the boys
yes it does. sadly we all maintain the status quo
10. The trick is to make the jews think that the saviourr is comming but of course he never will. Why would you want to find bin laden, if you find him the US can no longer justify its presence in the middle east. Why would you want peace in the world, peace is not profitable. Would you agree that as human beings we are the cause of our own suffering?

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