think you know me? think again eh?

I wanted to see how much people know me... i am currently eating a hamburger watching tv. anyway if u take my test then you are really cool. so... please take my test

So do you think you know me? well most of you do but do you know the REAL me? yea this will be a hard test i guess really idk cause i know me so i don't need to take a test about me.

Created by: amazon
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1. When things don't go my way, what do I usually do?
Accept it
Things always go my way
Plot Revenge
2. What kind of personality do I REALLY have?
Loud and Whiny
Calm and Smooth
Sarcastic and Short-fused
Quiet and Mysterious
Energetic and Hyper
3. How do I make friends?
Just go right up to 'em and ask 'em questions. It helps me understand 'em
Ask them their name and automatically call them my friend. Stupid and desperate.
Just walk by 'em and hope they start talkin to me. It works too!
I don't. I tend to not allow people to get close.
Start the car and... wait what the hell does this have to do with this?
4. Say I was ordered to attack the enemy by myself. Later after, I come back to the hospital severely injured. Few hours later my command says I will need to do it again while i was still severely injured. What would i do?
Curse 'em out for two hours.
Start freaking out! omg! omg! omg! omg! What do I do?!
Say quietly, "Yes Sir."
5. Ok as you know, I am like a dozen races. Which one would I want to be?
6. What do I think about my family?
They're cool
They're the people I try to please
I don't talk about my family
A source of love and advice
Very important to me
7. What is my best characteristic? (hard)
I can think through any problem
I do what needs to be done
I can be anything to anyone
I'm fun to be around
8. What is my worst characteristic?
I can't express myself
I'm whining all the time
I'm too honest
I have a REALLY bad temper
I get bored easily
9. What things do I want most from life?
Excitement and a good house
Respect and Power
Love and Freedom
Affection and Admiration
I have what I need
10. I would rather...
Listen to music and throw things
Sleep for days and later go to a party
Flirt with girls
Be by myself
Jump off a skyscraper
11. Suppose you just met me like right now. you say, "hi!" or "hey you're my new classmate!" I'll say, "um... who are you?" you say your name. I say...
Ok, I'm leaving. Bye.
Hey dude whats up?
Ok. I'm Freddie
What the hell kind of a name is that?

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