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In the political turmoil of today, it is important to know where we stand on issues, and even abstract issues. In this quiz I attempt to give an idea of how much of an activist you are regardless of ideology!

So where do YOU stand? How do you rate these criteria and what will your response be? Do you see yourself as a hardcore activist or are you just along for the ride? Do you think reform will happen easily or do you think it will take more effort?

Created by: Kirk James Fontenot of Ultrafaction
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3. In 1992 a political panelist stated that candidate Bill Clinton was "carrying too much weight" in what he was trying to accomplish. Do you agree that there is such a concept when running for President?
No. I do not agree. Anyone running for President should have a ton of ideas in the first place.
Yes. You can't save the world and the President is just one man. Are some people expecting a political Messiah?
I expect nothing from politicians at all.
4. Do you think that we'll ever pay off the national debt?
Never; there is no hope. We're broke!
With the right plan, our leaders can pay it off even if it takes a while.
Something extreme is going to have to be done. It will have to be more extreme than anything we've ever done before.
5. In 2000 some people came harshly against Al Gore and George W Bush for running to the middle. Gore lost and said that if he would do it again that he would let his vision pour our for America. Do you think politicians should run to the middle?
Yes. Most people are not extremists so most people are in the middle. Let's do what accommodates them.
No. Running to the middle means to lie, unless you are already a moderate.
Yes. We need a moderate President to get things actually done and that will get results. Extremists do not get mainstream support and therefore never get anything done.
No! Moderates didn't end slavery. A politician should stick to their guns and sway people.
6. In the movie "True Lies" a father was told that his daughter's real parents were musicians and rock stars, citing that the biological parents have no influence on kids today. Do you agree that bombardment of media can influence people for the worse?
Yes. This is a real problem and it must be addressed.
No. People have their own minds and they can think for themselves. Let parents monitor what their kids are exposed to and these problems will not exist.
7. In the issue or so-called "party building" and internal party fighting, there is usually one practically pre-destined nominee before the primaries even start. Is it important to fight amongst ourselves even in our own party?
No. This just causes division and that is never good. Results only happen when there is polarization so fighting solves nothing.
Yes. How else are you supposed to determine anything? Is this a free country or what?
8. Why did the Columbine high school massacre happen on April 20 1999?
Today's parents do not correct their kids.
These killer kids were kooks; plain and simple.
A number of very complex variables produced this situation.
Violent video games, music and movies.
9. Liberals like to say that organized religion is out of control. Conservatives like to say that Hollywood is out of control. What influence do you think these entities have on people?
Zilch. Think for yourself you dumb moron!
Whoa. Both of these influence us! Now as to say which onedoes it worse and which one does it better is another issue. Humans are not infallable. We can be influenced and this is an important issue.
Somewhat but not a lot. Both extreme sides cite that one side needs to be destroyed for the betterment of mankind. This is to extreme. We can be influecned, sure, but not to the degrees that some extremisst say on both wings.
10. In the 1990s a Senator said that we need to get away from issues that "divide us". Should politicians stay away from issues that cause fighting?
Yes. Some issues can never be fixed; only idiots spin their tires in the mud. We should concentrate on what exactly can be fixed!
No! The issues that divide us and cause fighting are the most important; these are the ones that need to be addressed in the first place.
11. Pat Buchanan said in a Larry King interview that the two party system was "a couple of guys with one hundred million dollars" and questioned as to how that can be competed with. Rush Limbaugh said "Easy! Go out and get one hundred and ten." Is finance reform needed for elections?
Sure it is needed! The whole premise is that only slime is able to polarize that kind of money and they need to be kept in check.
No! People willingly give money to politicians based on the kind of support they get. So if you are a bad leader you won't be able to get a lot of money. This problem fixes itself!
12. Some people argue that primaries that get very competitive are bad for the party because it "beats up" the candidates and therefore produces a weakened nominee, which has to go on for the general election. Is this true, and should steps be taken to not have such fierce competition within a party?
Sure! You don't have a prize fighter fight ten people before the title shot! This is what we are doing!
No! How else are you supposed to get the nominee?
These knock 'em out elections are not fierce enough! They need to be even more competitive!
13. It was said that 1997 (the year after a Presidential election) was a year of political apathy. It was cited in 1998 (the congressional elections without a Presidential election) had a low turn out. It has been said this is actually good because it means that things are so good and people are so happy that they feel no need to vote. Do you agree?
No. This just means that people are complacent and pacified. There is always going to be problems that need action and need to be fixed. This is not an example of good times; this is an example of a bad thing.
Yes. We are never going to have a Utopia and there must be SOME degree of activism leveling off so that we can measure some amounts of success.
No. No. No. We should be hardcore activists at all times.
Yes. Electing politicians does nothing to begin with so why does it matter that fewer people are voting?
14. Has the United States peaked?
Yes. It was a nice ride but it is over...
No! Our best days are still ahead!

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