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Luna_the_Lost said:
Aug 30 '17, 12:55PM

I got green and my first thought is, "Even my personality's color equivalent is a Slytherin color!"

(#Slythe rinPride)

xThirsty said:
Apr 8 '17, 5:48AM

I got green, which suits my personality very nicely!

LunaIsBrave said:
Dec 1 '14, 10:08PM


mahima_lovergurl said:
Nov 26 '14, 6:37AM

true.. its fit my personality but i luv blue.. Green
The Color Green.
You are a calm,
restful person. You
love nature, and
nature loves you.
You are considered
an outsider, struggle to make
friends. But, you always keep the
friends you have and are kind to

Kiersten 1D said:
Oct 11 '14, 3:44PM

Im a mix between blue and green.

pippincat10 said:
Jun 9 '14, 9:02PM

I'm purple... OH YEAH! Quiet, low self esteem... but friendly!

yoro said:
Jun 4 '14, 2:27AM

I'm a blue person... not green! ugh, I hate wearing green, only like it in nature.

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